Baltic Gas Interconnector to perform seabed survey

Baltic Gas Interconnector to perform seabed survey The Baltic Gas Interconnector, rigth now performing a feasibility study of a natural gas pipeline between Germany and Denmark/Sweden, will start an offshore seabed survey tomorrow. The aim with the survey is to map relevant bottom characteristics on the planned route for the pipeline. The result from the survey will be used both for technical and environmental assessments. The company OSAE from Bremen has been contracted for the work. The purpose of the pipeline is to further connect the existing gas infrastructure systems in southern Scandinavia with the Continental European system. The project will enable new supply routes to emerge. Through a diversified supply the market development will be stimulated. The pipeline will improve the security of supply in the region and could be in place during 2003. The feasibility study, which is estimated at 3.5 MEUR, is financially supported by the European Union under the EnergyTEN programme. For further information, please contact Anders Nyman, project manager for the Baltic Gas Interconnector project, on telephone +46 40 24 47 14. Issued by Baltic Gas Interconnector project Anders Nyman ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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