Sympa increases transparency within organisations

Sympa HR -solution grows with an asset deal

Helsinki, 15. June 2017. Sympa has expanded its already comprehensive HR solution by acquiring Pulse, an employee-engagement application created by Finnish mobile-B2B software specialist, Apped. Pulse will be integrated into Sympa’s end-to-end HR-solution. Organisations will be able to measure and enhance wellbeing at work by actively listening to employees through real-time Pulse surveys.

Sympa HR’s selection of mobile tools is growing. Pulse will be available to Sympa HR users during 2017. The new application, Pulse, makes it easy to take the pulse of an organisation with fast and agile employee surveys that anonymously capture and share co-workers’ feelings on different topics. Pulse is a real-time measurement tool that allows easy capturing of co-workers’ feelings, picking up topics and following weak signals within the organisation.

Pulse will make Sympa HR even more effective for organisations that have chosen a low-hierarchy structure, and that aspire to transparency and dynamic decision making. With Pulse, anyone can start a topic or share ideas, and the results are available for the entire organization to follow-up, in real-time.

“Research increasingly suggests that organisations often fail due to an inflexible, hierarchical management structure, that drives skilled employees to leave,” says Keijo Karjalainen, Sympa’s CEO and Co-Founder. “In contrast empowered companies with engaged employees are the businesses that will create tomorrow’s success stories. We want to help our users empowering their teams and removing slow decision making structures.”

Pulse surveys ensure Sympa HR users are even better equipped to meet whatever human resource challenges come their way. “Modern HR puts employees first,” Karjalainen continues, “and this is reflected in SympaHR’s cutting edge SaaS-based service that offers speed, accessibility, mobile and an employee-oriented approach.”

Apped CEO Peter Lindberg tells the story behind the Pulse deal: “To Apped, Pulse was first and foremost a way to show how our cloud platform enables a new way of building b2b applications. It quickly became apparent to us that the Pulse application addressed a huge demand for change within organisations. And still the popularity of the application and the hundreds of pilot clients even left us a bit surprised. We wanted to find a home for Pulse where our vision of modern organisations is shared and where the solution is given the best possible chance to be part of improving working life for people in thousands of companies and organisations. Integrated into SympaHR Pulse gives customers a foundation, that gives them the means to put employee wellbeing at heart of their business.”  

The Pulse mobile application integrates with corporate IT systems, and optimises the data gathered for ease of use. At present, Pulse users have to sign in with their Microsoft Office 365 account, but in the near future Sympa will include Puse within the Sympa HR solution’s suite of tools. Employees can start using the application simply by downloading the application in their smartphones.

More information and contacts:

Kati Tammisto

Marketing Director,Sympa
Tel: +358 40 775 7162


Sympa: Sympa has become the fastest growing HR solutions provider in the Nordics through a simple formula: great software and overwhelmingly happy customers. We offer a fully integratable, global, cloud-based HR system that supports the entire employee life cycle, combining recruitment, HRM and HRD processes. Sympa has become a fixture on Deloitte’s list of fastest growing technology companies in Finland and serves currently over 400 companies with users in more than 50 countries. The company was established in 2005 by Keijo Karjalainen and his sister, Taina. The majority of the company remains family owned, employing over 65 people in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and at its Finnish headquarters. Sympa also works through several international business partners.

Apped: Founded in Helsinki in 2015, Apped provides cloud technology for fast and secure B-to-B service development.  The revolutionary system manages authentication, access and integrations automatically via each user’s identity. Organizations can use their internal data in a simple and secure way, making the creation of new services phenomenally easy and still safe.  Pulse was the app to benefit from Apped’s cloud technology, as it doesn’t require registration and it integrates with organizational data automatically.