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  • SynAct Pharma Files Patent Applications Related to AP1189 Derived APIs and Oral Formulations

SynAct Pharma Files Patent Applications Related to AP1189 Derived APIs and Oral Formulations

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June 23, 2021

SynAct Pharma AB (“SynAct”) today announces that the company has filed two patent applications covering novel salt and crystal forms related to AP1189 and the oral delivery of AP1189 and these novel forms.  These novel forms have beneficial and surprising properties and were discovered as a result of ongoing efforts to both optimize the oral dosing of AP1189 and to further enhance the intellectual property surrounding AP1189. 

“We are excited about the discoveries related to specific salts and their unique crystal forms including unique novel physical and chemical properties” stated Thomas Boesen, COO, SynAct Pharma.  “These inventions will also aid in the development of novel active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) related to AP1189. We are expanding our options in developing AP1189 and other novel melanocortin agonists and establishing this new class of agents targeting the resolution of excessive or chronic inflammation”.

In accordance with the strategy to optimize the oral administration of AP1189, SynAct has also intensified its efforts to develop a formulation of AP1189, taking advantage of the new salt and crystal forms. This furthers the company’s stated objective to bring a patient-friendly once-daily oraI dosage form into Phase 2b clinical trials.

“Importantly, these discoveries will allow us to optimize the oral solid formulation of AP1189 and help us achieve our goal of having a tablet form of AP1189 ready for our next clinical study.  We are currently evaluating a new tablet form that leverages these learnings and we are encouraged by the results to date and remain on track to achieve our stated goal” stated Thomas Jonassen, CSO SynAct Pharma.  “If granted these patents will also extend the patent runway for AP1189, including the API currently used in clinical trials and for other novel related APIs.”

The information was submitted, through the agency of the contact persons below, for publication on June 23, 2021.

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About SynAct Pharma AB

SynAct Pharma AB conducts research and development in inflammatory diseases. The company has a platform technology based on a new class of drug candidates aimed at acute deterioration in chronic inflammatory diseases with the primary purpose of stimulating natural healing mechanisms. For more information: www.synactpharma.com.

About AP1189

The mechanism of action of SynAct Pharma ́s lead compound AP1189 is to promote resolution of inflammation through melanocortin receptor activation directly on macrophages, thereby reducing the pro-inflammatory activity of macrophages and by stimulating so-called macrophage efferocytosis, a specific ability to clear inflammatory cells (J Immun 2015, 194:3381-3388). This effect has shown to be effective in disease models of inflammatory and autoinummune diseases and the clinical potential of the approach is currently tested in a clinical phase 2 study in patient with active Rheumatoid Arthritis, nefrotisk syndrom and COVID-19 ARDS. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04004429?term=AP1189&draw=2&rank=1).