NBA: Teams out of the playoffs 2018 are leading Social Media

The research marks the beginning of P2ELab activities, a laboratory for the study of predictions by experts from the University of New Mexico - UNM in Albuquerque (USA).

The digital engagement map points the Los Angeles Lakers in the first place with 32,704.752 million followers. Chicago Bulls comes in second place with 25,421.253. Both franchises are out of the playoffs. Among those classified for the post-season, the top-ranked social media engagement team is the Golden State Warriors with 25,356.947 million subscriptions.

The 8 best placed teams ranked in digital engagement:

White: Out of playoffs 

The data are organized from collections held on the main social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram). The work is the result of cooperation between the science house MrPredictions and UNM. Science House is a company specializing in data science. The main goal of the cooperation is to implement the P2ELab (Peace & Predictions Engineering Laboratory) which will operate in a virtualized environment until August, when activities might begin in Albuquerque.(*) White: Out of playoffs

The scientific coordination of P2ELab is performed by the researcher Hugo Cesar Hoeschl (Post-Doc), associate professor at UNM (LAT), under the supervision of Ramiro Jordan (PhD), Professor and Associate Dean of International Engineering Program at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of UNM. The new laboratory has as methodological scope to associate the activities of predictions with the most recent world trend of the engineering area that is the Peace Engineering.

In the context of predictions, the purpose is the technical-scientific analysis of large masses of data so that it is possible to anticipate scenarios in organizational environments (military theaters, financial market, sports, among others). In this sense, the first step is the collection and organization of comparative information, hence the importance of achieving this sort of ranking.

The MrPredictions science house works in partnership with Mapa Institute and the companies Nexxera and Núcleo Mundial. The team of researchers is coordinated by Tânia Bueno (Doc), also an associate professor (LAT) at UNM.

It is expected that P2ELab will become the most important international hub for providing predictions for the international market, positioning UNM as one of the main world references in the subject. Especially considering the background of MrPredictions' team of experts, who pre-set the outcome of the US presidential elections in 2016.

Among the next steps of P2ELab is the development of other rankings about US universities, and companies listed on the stock market (NYSE and NASDAQ). Rankings about the American congress members, besides other sport areas as NFL, FIFA and NASCAR. In a later stage will begin the generation of inferences for decision making from scientific data analysis (data science).

Still under the basketball it highlights the fact that some players alone have more followers than their teams, as Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers). This denotes that the bond of the fans is often greater with the athlete than the franchise itself. In the case of soccer, for example, the athlete Neymar exceeds the mark of 180 million followers, and beats the first 8 NBA franchises. Another relevant aspect is the institutional presence, considering that the NBA itself has a higher coefficient of engagement than teams.

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