Management buy out of Syntagma

MANAGEMENT BUY OUT OF SYNTAGMA MALMÖ, Sweden -- June 8, 2000-- The management of Syntagma has, together with the venture capital firm BCA Capital Management, acquired 100% of the shares in Syntagma AB from the founder Claes Öhrström. Syntagma is the leading provider of sales force automation systems to the consumer products sector in the Nordic countries. Customers include some of the largest European and Nordic consumer products companies, for example, Abba Seafood, Disney, Fazer, Findus, Marabou, Nestlé, Pripps and Unilever. Syntagma's current focus is to become the leading international CRM and eCRM system provider (Customer Relationship Management). Syntagma had a turnover of 68 MSEK (USD 8m) in 1999. The company has experienced positive growth and returns since being founded in 1987. Syntagma has 75 employees and is headquartered in Malmö. Syntagma's Business Partner is a CRM system with comprehensive functionality for marketing- and sales functions for consumer products companies. Business Partner was introduced in a web-based version in 1999. As a result of the company's long involvement with developing mobile solutions, Syntagma has developed several mobile and wireless applications with WAP-technology. "We are the market leading CRM system in the consumer products sector. Because of our unique knowledge and experience with companies with merchandisers in the field, Syntagma will soon release sales force automation systems for other sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and construction business. This in combination with the international scalability of our new web-based system makes us ideally positioned for an aggressive growth strategy with at least 50% annual growth. Strategic acquisitions and partnerships will be integral to this expansion," says Lars Kandefelt, CEO Syntagma AB. "Having assisted the management with the structuring and financing of the MBO, we now look forward to assist in implementing an aggressive international strategy, capitalizing on the scalability of the products. In order to finance growth in the near future, there will be another round of financing during the fall, as well as evaluation of the prospects of a public listing," says Fredrik Lindgren, Partner BCA Capital Management AB Lars Kandefelt, CEO For further information, please contact: Lars Kandefelt, CEO Fredrik Lindgren, Partner Syntagma AB BCA Capital Management AB Stadiongatan 65 Stortorget 17 SE-217 62 Malmö SE-211 22 Malmö Sweden Sweden Tel. +46 705-93 17 02 Tel. +46 705-61 61 77 About Syntagma AB Syntagma is the leading provider of sales force automation systems to the consumer products sectors in the Nordic countries. The company aims to become to the international market leader for CRM and eCRM systems. Syntagma is experiencing very expansive growth, with focus on launching several new products in the near future. The company has 75 employees, with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. About BCA Capital Management AB BCA Capital Management is a venture capital company, wholly owned by Balance Corporate Advisors. Balance Corporate Advisors is a corporate finance firm with focus on private placements and merger and acquisitions in the ICT sector. The firm has offices in Malmö, Stockholm, and San Francisco. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: