Three Finnish arts universities have agreed on the establishment of a new Arts University

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (KuvA), Sibelius Academy (SibA) and Theatre Academy Helsinki (TeaK) have signed an agreement that defines the essential conditions for the establishment of the new Arts University on 1 January 2013.

With its operations, the new free arts university will promote art education as well as the status and autonomy of the arts in society and contribute to the Finnish artistic and cultural life as a whole. The Arts University will be composed of three academies, equal in their academic contribution and cultural influence.

The staff and students of the current universities will be transferred to the Arts University when its operation begins. The staff members will be transferred as old employees. The preparatory work for the Arts University will be carried out in cooperation with the staff and students of the universities in a manner that encourages participation. According to the agreement, the size difference of the universities at present and their various needs as well as equality will be taken into account in the activities of the new Arts University.


More infromation:
Markus Konttinen, The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts ,tel. 050 3508929,
Gustav Djupsjöbacka, Sibelius Academy, tel. 040 5957564,
Paula Tuovinen, Theatre Academy Helsinki , tel. 040 5838549,


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