Sculpture from Finnish Design Duo Sprouts Sustainable Message

Finland’s Elina Helenius and Saara Renvall Partner with Tales By Trees Minimalist Decor to Address Over-Consumption and Promote Net Positive Design

(December 12, 2017; Helsinki, Finland) Finnish start-up Tales by Trees has joined forces with textile artist Elina Helenius and designer Saara Renvall to introduce a new minimalist art piece with a message. This week, Tales By Trees launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the Seed, a series of individually numbered ovoid sculptures made from Nordic wood, which stems from the collaboration. The campaign will also include the first English printing of the brand’s award-winning art book series; three fairy tales about the relationship between nature and humanity.

The Seed is the first in a series of introductions for the art and design market from Tales by Trees. The brand will introduce new designer collaborations and net positive designs in 2018 in categories including decor and wall art, home textiles, jewelry and books. Each design will be developed to support the company’s net positive model, increasing natural resources and achieving a measurable benefit to the natural environment. With each introduction, Tales by Trees hopes to give its customers an opportunity to combat climate change and biodiversity loss with simple, but impactful designs.

Tales by Trees was founded to address the problem of overconsumption. “Almost everything you buy decreases natural resources, even those you usually consider green products,” says  Founder Markus Pyhältö. “When people talk about sustainability, they typically only think about material use. We wanted to go beyond that and take into account everything that goes into production, including energy use, emissions and transportation. We wanted to see if we could develop design solutions that actually increase natural resources.”

When Pyhältö met Helenius and Renvall, the trio discovered a common interest in achieving a design solution that would give more back to the planet than it takes. Between them, Helenius and Renvall share a knowledge of surface, spatial and furniture design. Combined with Pyhältö’s passion for net positive design, the Seed emerged as a simple concept with a positive impact on the earth and a strong message for eco-conscious design lovers everywhere.

Pyhältö also teamed up with scientists and organizations to ensure Seed production could have a truly regenerative impact. With a mission to combat global deforestation, for every tree cut to make the Seeds, Tales by Trees will plant 1250 new trees and protect over 2500 ft2 of forest. Though the brand sources its materials and inspiration from certified sustainable Nordic forests, its regenerative efforts are focused elsewhere. Almost seventy five percent of Finland is covered in forest-land. By planting trees in tropical Africa, where they’re better able to reduce the effects of climate change and benefit local communities, the brand can achieve a more powerful impact. Tales by Trees hopes to expand its regeneration campaign as it grows. “This is just the beginning. In the future, as we introduce more net positive art and design, we aim to diversify our positive impact to benefit more regions around the world,” says Pyhältö.

Committed to transparency, Tales by Trees makes data for each and every product it develops available to both the general public and the environmental science community. It hopes to provide a model for how to achieve both a product line and a business model that is completely net positive. “There're so much new wood-based bioeconomy innovation in Finland that it will give our scientists, artists and designers almost endless possibilities to develop net positive products to solve global challenges,” says Pyhältö. “When our customers buy these items, they are not only getting elegant art and design, but they're also rebuilding the planet. Each and every purchase affects all of us, every person, and the planet Earth.”

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