Announcement from the Annual General Meeting of Talkpool AG Friday, May 24, 2019

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Published Tuesday, May 28 at 08.00

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Magnus Sparrholm opened the Annual General Meeting of Talkpool AG. He introduced the consolidated financial statements highlighting net revenues for 2018 of EUR 24363273 and a net loss of EUR 943045 attributable to Talkpool AG shareholders.

The Annual General Meeting resolved the annual report and to carryforward the annual loss of CHF 1928923 for 2018 in Talkpool AG, the parent company. After appropriation of the annual loss, the total loss carryforward amounts to CHF 2341310 in the parent company.

All Board members and the President were discharged from liability for the past fiscal year. The Board members Magnus Sparrholm, Wolfgang Essig, Stefan Lindgren and Stan Schroeder were re-elected. Magnus Sparrholm was re-elected Chairman of the Board. Dr. Dirk Fisseler was elected as a new board member. PWC was re-elected as auditor with Nino Brenn and Beat Inauen as responsible auditors.

The Annual General Meeting resolved on the remuneration of the Board up to and including the end of the AGM 2020, in accordance with previous years, that each member receives CHF 1'000 (Swiss Frank) per month. Chairman of the Board Magnus Sparrholm, however, waives his directors' fees. The total amount of the board remunerations is set to a maximum of CHF 60,000. Stan Schroeder and Wolfgang Essig were re-elected as responsible for formulating guidelines for remuneration to senior executives in accordance with the Board's proposal. The Board of Directors meets in person four times a year and also holds several remote meetings.

It was decided that management should receive a maximum of CHF 750'000 per year fixed salary and a maximum of CHF 100'000 variable salary.

The Meeting further resolved not to extend the Board's disposal over shares. On June 21, 2019, the Board's authorization over 2'244'160 shares expires, and thereafter a General Meeting is required to issue shares or authorize the Board to issue new shares.

All decisions were unanimous and there were no objections to the Board's proposal.

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Talkpool provides IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally. Through its cutting-edge technical expertise, long experience and agile business model, Talkpool offers global telecom vendors and operators high-quality services on short notice no matter the location. Moreover, Talkpool is one of few companies with actual solutions and contracts in place in the exciting IoT-market. FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00 399, is Talkpools Certified Advisor. 



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