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The Corona crisis has since a year halted most of Talkpool’s new projects in all markets. Although Corona still is omnipresent, and some markets still are in Covid lock-down modus, the thawing of frozen negotiations and consequent contract signing has this month (March 2021) led to a significant increase in order intake in several markets

  • In the Netherlands, we have won several orders for a new telecom site foundation technology amounting to Euro 220’000. The innovation stem from work with Cellnex and these are the first commercial orders after successful trials. Furthermore, our first Dutch 5G orders have been booked and the niche Camouflage business activity is starting to increase

  • Sweden has booked follow-up orders amounting to approximately Euro 100’000 from Original Equipment Manufacturers including Italian water meter manufacturer B Meters, Swedish Artificial Intelligence tech Myrspoven and Japanese air sensor provider Senseair
  • A Managed services contract amounting to Euro 217’000 that starts on the 1st of April 2021 has been signed with Huawei in Pakistan for a safe city solution that Talkpool previously installed

Other markets are opening up for rapid growth:

  • Our resources in Germany are fully utilized so we’re hiring new network planning staff while negotiating for very large amounts of additional work to improve broadband internet connections to schools and other buildings
  • The sustainable trend to repair faulty communication equipment (rather than throwing away and buying new) continues to fill our Belgian repair shop books with several new orders
  • The Swiss headquarters has received new orders from several African countries managed from Tanzania

The negotiated time frame ranges from a few months network modernization for Ericsson in the Seychelles to 15 years solar power services for Telenor telecom sites in Pakistan. Further details will be presented in Talkpool’s audited annual report.

Whereas the Corona crisis isn’t over, the steep increase in order volumes in numerous markets, especially in Europe, is a clear sign of an increasing need of critical internet infrastructure.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Strömstedt, CEO Talkpool
Tel: +41 81 250 2020

Talkpool provides sustainable services for telecommunication networks and smart buildings globally. Both the building and network services are underpinned by internet technology.

FNCA Sweden AB, +46 8 528 00 399, is Talkpool’s Certified Advisor.


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