JoorsChain listing on cryptocurrency exchange based on Talkpool technology

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JoorsChain has announced that its cryptocurrency by the name of JoorsCoin (JIC) is listed and traded on the cryptocurrency exchange starting today, November 1st. Talkpool is one of the founding partners of JoorsChain, and provides the blockchain and smart contract expertise to the project. 

Blockchain technology revolutionizes any type of transaction, such as data access, ownership and responsibility, in a transparent and decentralized way. At Talkpool, being a technology provider, we see this as a strategic competence area that will affect many of our business verticals.”, says Stefan Lindgren, CTO and co-founder of JoorsChain and CTO of Talkpool. 

For more information, please contact:

Boris de Bruin, CMO at JoorsChain

Phone: +46 72 341 7551



Erik Strömstedt, CEO Talkpool
Phone: +41 81 250 2020
About JoorsChain

JoorsChain has been founded to eliminate fraud, inefficiencies and unfair revenue distributions in the Digital Advertising industry. Digital Advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising, with turnover expected to grow from 237 BUSD (2018) to 335 BUSD (2020). However, currently more than 50% of digital advertising investments disappear without returning any significant value. JoorsChain intends to create a decentralized platform which eliminates opportunities for fraud and inefficiencies while incentivising activities that provide value. Interested individuals can create an account on the Hotbit exchange by following the link: 

About Talkpool
Talkpool provides IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally. Through its cutting-edge technical expertise, long experience and agile business model, Talkpool offers global telecom vendors and operators high-quality services on short notice no matter the location. Moreover, Talkpool is one of few companies with actual solutions and contracts in place in the exciting IoT-market. FNCA Sweden AB is Talkpool’s Certified Advisor.



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