Talkpool launches the "air4schools" solution in Germany

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The "air4schools" technology brings clean air into classrooms while reducing CO2 levels and improving sustainability footprint. The solution is currently installed at two schools in Leipzig, Germany and further deployments are planned.

Schools have been particularly hard hit by the Corona infection. Indoor air systems can help contain the pandemic and allow for safe school teachings in classrooms. Most schools have either traditional air conditioners that filter the air in the classroom or no air ventilation at all (except opening the windows). Talkpool is testing a fully automatic system that completely exchanges and filters the air in a classroom so that healthy indoor air is always guaranteed while heating costs are reduced.

Aurelius Wosylus, Chief Commercial Officer at Talkpool explains the technology behind it: “In contrast to classic air conditioning, the air4schools filters and fans are installed directly in the windows of the classrooms. According to Wosylus, the installation is simple, and the fans supply fresh air while letting out air with higher CO2 levels. “In this way, overpressure or under pressure is avoided,” explains Wosylus. In addition, the fans are equipped with ceramic cores that ensure a high level of heat recovery of more than 90 percent. The fans are controlled by an air quality sensor mounted on the wall, which measures the CO2 and oxygen content as well as the number of particles in the air. The ventilation fan, sensor and an internet gateway communicate with each other wirelessly.

When designing “air4schools”, care was taken to ensure that the system works draft-free and almost noiselessly. This ensures that the students aren’t distracted by noise or low oxygen levels. This is the first time Talkpool launches a building solution in Germany. The pilot projects at the two Leipzig schools - one elementary school and one high school - are ongoing, and the measurement results so far have been very positive.

The class 13 and 14 HEPA filters used are recognized as being suitable for combating viruses. This ensures that "air4schools" meets the requirements for funding within the framework of the various national programs for prevention contamination in schools. The fresh air supply can in many schools be connected with the temperature control in the classroom, and this can result in considerable savings in heating and operating costs. Talkpool offers fresh air for a monthly flat fee and hence absorbs the installation- and support costs.

For Magnus Sparrholm, Chairman of Talkpool, “air4schools” is an important step in the company's smart building strategy. “The project helps us to develop further in the area of sustainable ​​indoor air quality and control,” says Sparrholm. While initially focusing on schools, the technology can also improve air quality in offices, conference rooms, public buildings, and private homes. In addition to smart room air technologies, Talkpool also offers intelligent IoT systems for optimizing temperature and water consumption in rooms and buildings. Sparrholm: “We want to develop into a leading provider of smart building technologies with products and services that contribute to resource optimization and energy efficiency.

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