Talkpool signs framework agreement with NCC for Smart Construction as a Service

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Talkpool has signed a framework agreement with the construction company NCC, where Talkpool will provide construction measurement services to NCC. This includes measurements that will optimize building construction time, cost, evaluation of new building concepts as well as long term quality assurance. 

NCC is one of the largest Nordic construction companies, with revenues of 58 billion SEK in 2019. Their construction projects range from a wide variety of buildings, such as multi-family housing, commercial buildings, swimming halls, hospitals and more. NCC, as one of the market leaders, with high competence in sustainability and digitalization, strengthens their IoT position with Talkpool’s offering of wireless LoRaWAN sensors, data collection and data processing. The smart sensors provide a cost-efficient way to ensure the building quality, by monitoring various parameters. Examples are the placement of sensors in roof constructions or other sensitive construction elements to measure construction material humidity during as well as after the construction project. Additionally, with smart measurements, new building concepts can be tested and closely monitored, to ensure everything works as expected.

Talkpool and NCC specialists have been running proof-of-concepts and pilots in Malmö and Gothenburg for more than two years with successful results. The framework agreement serves to define the conditions for follow-up projects.

“Active real-time monitoring of temperatures and humidity in the critical parts of a building’s construction, gives me valuable information that the building is working as intended and is sustainable. The wireless IoT sensors from Talkpool are easy to use, which makes it financially feasible to use it at large scale.” says Stephen Burke, PhD, Senior Technical Specialist - Engineering & Sustainability at NCC.

“It has been very interesting to work with the experts at NCC and to take part of their domain knowledge in sustainable building. IoT makes it possible to collect data from the world around us and to use it to monitor, learn and predict. We are excited to have found yet another application to apply smart solutions. We believe this can add great value to the construction industry and we are proud to work on this together with NCC, one of Scandinavia’s largest construction companies.”, says Patric Kristiansson, Head of Solutions at Talkpool.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Strömstedt, CEO Talkpool
Tel: +41 81 250 2020

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