Talkpool wins major Solar Energy contract in Pakistan

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LCC Pakistan which is a subsidiary of Talkpool AG has signed a frame agreement for three years for provisioning of Solar hybrid solutions with one of the largest Mobile Operators in Pakistan. This contract which is initially for a period of 3 years has an indicative value of $3M-$3.5M and adds to the impressive alternate energy deployment portfolio of Talkpool Pakistan which has been a front runner in solar based deployments having recently concluded a large contract with Telenor Pakistan having deployed hundreds of sites with them over the last few years. 

The contract covers converting cell sites which were previously being powered by grid, generators and battery systems to a system which consumes power primarily from a solar base in such a way which reduces the OPEX significantly for each cellular location.

“Our strength and belief in alternate energy solutions for a developing economy like Pakistan comes from the fact that Pakistan has been blessed with monumental amount of natural resources of which sunshine is the most abundant. Having a high inflation rate and a focus of the country to reduce the carbon footprint means everyone is looking for reduction in their operational expense. Looking at the telecom industry Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace with thousands of new sites rolling out every year now between the 4-5 major OPCOS in the country with the advent of 4G technology. Consequentially solar based solutions form a part of an evolution process to reduce both the energy bills and the carbon foot print of these cellular towers. With our nation-wide logistical support structure for the last 14 years, over 1000 technical human resources and extensive experience in deploying solar based hybrid systems on cellular networks Talkpool Pakistan becomes a natural choice for our industry partners” said the Regional Director of Talkpool Middle East Mr. Faraz Zafar.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Strömstedt, CEO Talkpool
Tel: +41 81 250 2020

Talkpool provides IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally. Through its cutting-edge technical expertise, long experience and agile business model, Talkpool offers global telecom vendors and operators high-quality services on short notice no matter the location. Moreover, Talkpool is one of few companies with actual solutions and contracts in place in the exciting IoT-market. FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00 399, is Talkpool’s Certified Advisor.


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