Conquer Self Doubt

Thousands of people around the world feel an eerie sense of powerlessness, despair and live in a constant state of internal turmoil. The feeling of life controlling a person, rather than it being the other way round is felt throughout the world. Blair Singer was one such person, who felt quite unfortunate. His life was spinning out of control, his company failed, his marriage failed and his life and morale had hit rock bottom. He felt absolutely gutted, and a little voice inside his head told him he was done and dusted. Every single person in this world has this little voice inside his head that won’t seem to start talking.

Irrespective of whether you are aware of it or not, this little voice is what causes most suffering and prevents people from achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams. This constant talk that goes on between your ears, appraises, justifies, and criticizes, causing your self confidence and self esteem to soar one moment and plummet the next.

Singer’s mission is to empower you to learn the technique of little voice mastery. It is important to understand that this little voice in your head limits you and prevents you from living to your fullest ability. Singer has traveled to over 20 countries and taught thousands of people the art of little voice mastery, and has even worked with the Fortune 500 companies such as Singapore Airlines, HSBC and Dunkin’ Donuts. Through little voice mastery one can tap into their latent abilities, and become a top salesman, increasing revenue and sales. The techniques he uses are straightforward, yet powerful and can easily help one conquer self doubt and low self esteem. The seven key areas that Singer focuses on are:

• The ability to maintain your control and self composure in any situation

• Ending the incessant babble in your brain so you can get what you want now

• Unearth and become conscious your lifelong dreams

• Getting rid of harmful negative habits

• Build potent, enduring self confidence

• Revive the hero inside of you

• Embody the 21 proven techniques to reprogramming the "Little Voice" in your brain in 30 seconds

Singer’s techniques can be applied to help improve one’s personal life as well. You can use little voice mastery to get rid of all your negativity and thus improve relationships, work towards a better body and to even find love.

Some of these techniques include:

  • > 7 questions you need to ask and answer every day
  • > Tips to stop constant fights with your teen or toddler
  • > What to do when you are in an uncomfortable situation
  • > 21 ways to change the chatter of your little voice
  • > What to do at work when someone tells you NO!
  • > What to say and do when things don’t quite work your way.
  • > 3 common mistakes made in the boardroom and the bedroom
  • > Why most self help seminars wont help at all
  • > How to shut up "would've", "could've" and "should've"
  • > Why bragging isn't always a bad thing

So, little voice mastery will help improve your private and professional life. To know more, visit

Jennifer Gnu