How to become an IT help desk engineer


Are you interested with how computers work and the complex system that goes with it? An IT help desk engineer is a very important part in a company’s structure and organisation. This could be a very lucrative job for those who are qualified to meet the requirements and demands.

Being an IT help desk engineer is not just about computers and networks, you should also be a people person because you will have to convey to ordinary people the technical aspects of your job. You need special training if you want to become an IT help desk engineer and here are a few tips on what you should do if you want to be one.

Academic requirements

It is definitely important that you have the academic background to become an IT engineer. Ideally, you should have a degree in Information Technology or perhaps Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Though lots of companies also accept applicants with a year or two in college for as long as the applicants have previous experience in customer service and know how to use a computer and its applications.

Be certified

It will be to your advantage if you get industry certifications. This will show your competency to work in a highly technical job. Getting a certificate in the IT industry is not just about taking exams, it also presents a substantial appraisal of your knowledge in specific IT support tasks.

Get to know the company you want to work for

Always do your research about the products and services the company is offering to their customers before you apply as an IT help desk engineer. Remember, if you work as a help desk engineer, you will be asked all kinds of questions about the product you support, ranging from the ordinary and common to the bizarre.

Be prepared for the hiring exams

Your knowledge and skills will be put to the test here because companies need to know if you clearly understand the role of an IT help desk professional, both as a customer service representative and providing issue resolution to the customers.

Usually, you will be asked questions where your problem-solving skills and technical knowledge will be put to the test.

Be creative

Remember, once you get hired you will become a representative of the company and how you deal with customers will directly affect the IT company’s reputation for service. Therefore, it is important that you are not just skilled with the technical aspect of the job, but you have the right attitude to present the company positively to their clients. Issues should be resolved quickly and always leave a positive experience with the customers.

Wanting to help people

If you want to become an IT Support engineer, you must have a genuine feeling of wanting to help people resolve their problems. You should understand that not everyone can easily comprehend technical aspects. Therefore, you have to be patient and learn ways on how to communicate technical terms in a manner that could be easily understood.

Remember too that you will be dealing with all kinds of people in all kinds of the situation so you must know how to respond to calls in the right manner.

An IT help desk engineer is definitely a rewarding job thus you have to strive hard to become better at it starting right now.



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