Discover Art Therapy for Relaxation and Increased Happiness

A collection of fun adult coloring books offers inspiration for well-being and mindfulness

New York, NY (November 9, 2015) – Remember how much fun you had as a child with coloring books? Now imagine having an adult version of coloring books that provide helpful hints and calming imagery that is not only fun, but is also relaxing and brings out your creativity to promote happiness and well being. The Art Therapy Collection, a weekly subscription-based magazine already in the U.K., will be available to subscribers in the U.S. in November 2015 from "Big Five" Publisher Hachette Partworks LTD. Each magazine is complete with the highest quality paper, engaging drawings, tutorials, art supplies, and new drawing materials.

The difference between this art therapy collection and others is that it’s subscription-based so individuals can constantly enjoy the benefits of well-being. For adults looking for an outlet to relax, the simple act of coloring can achieve that and more. Adults can garner many benefits from the tips and exercises offered such as building creativity, relaxation, and even mindfulness. Every week, short meditation exercises encourage the colorist to decompress and reconnect. With short practice every day, the colorist soon feels the positive effects of increased focus and awareness.

Adult coloring books have become a global phenomenon and many experts tout their benefits. When interviewed by Business Insider Australia—the Australian edition of the world’s fastest-growing business news website—Joel Pearson, senior lecturer at UNSW in the school of psychology, regarding scientific benefits of using coloring books, stated, "When coloring-in you look at the colors and spaces occupying those parts of your brain that might normally be involved in anxiety." He further stated that coloring books offer users a source of stress relief, in the same way that patients with anxiety or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) use "Tetris" to distract the brain, and provide a sense of calm and clarity.

According to Books and Arts, Dr. Stan Rodski, a consulting neuropsychologist, neuroscientist and author of several adult coloring books, thinks it makes perfect sense. Rodski stated, "Watching children and the way they relax while coloring really prompted the thought, ‘Why can't adults re-enter that space in a brain state?’" He further states, "The reality is that we actually enjoy the process. It's a process that takes us to a time that is stress free ... We now have technology that can measure brainwaves and heart rhythms that allows us to examine the impact certain things we do have on the brain and its reactions. The most amazing things occurred—we started seeing changes in heart rate and changes in brainwaves." Dr. Rodski cited three key elements that prompt positive neurological responses in colorists: repetition, pattern and detail.

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