TECHNIA Taking the Lead on Global, Sustainable Innovation in 2019

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PLM Innovation Forum Brings Digital Pioneers Together from Across the Globe

TECHNIA’s PLM Innovation Forum (PLMIF) is a long-standing event within the world of PLM which has consistently brought together an abundance of the best and brightest minds in the industry. And this year’s event is no exception to that rule.

This year, TECHNIA bring together the world’s digital pioneers to network, discuss and debate PLM developments in Sustainability. During the two day event in Stockholm, twelve of the world’s foremost PLM innovators will give insightful speeches across a broad range of industry specialities.

As with previous PLMIF events, more than 250 guests will gather to drive focused progression in their industry, and discover which practises have the potential to be adopted across industries.

A recent study found that 66% of consumers prefer to buy from companies with brand transparency on issues such as material sourcing and employee equality.

Consumer demand has pressed the most innovative businesses to take a pivotal, progressive position. And the majority of Industry leaders now agree that sustainable business practises are a priority on the route to ensuring longevity and prosperity.

This year’s PLMIF presents the opportunity to share in the experiences of some of TECHNIA’s most successful customers. They will share their path to growth and the continued profitability that sustainable business development can achieve.

“Innovative and sustainable product development is at the heart of what we do at TECHNIA.”

Jonas Gejer, CEO TECHNIA

The event also showcases Dassault Systèmes' and TECHNIA's tailored industry solutions, ranging from Construction to Life Sciences, and Industrial Engineering to Consumer Retail. 

Join the digital Pioneers at "Digitalisation for Sustainable Product Development and Manufacture"

1-2 October 2019 | AT SIX, Stockholm

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About TECHNIA, the #1 global PLM knowledge leader.

By combining your strengths with our expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) we can help you to turn your vision into value. Our solutions are used worldwide in industries such as Life Sciences, Automotive, Travel, Retail, Offshore, Telecom, Fashion, and Food & Beverage. We serve over 6,000 customers worldwide, including 43 that are listed on the Fortune 500.

TECHNIA is a part of the Addnode Group, listed at the Nasdaq OMX Nordic List.

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