Optidev one of Sweden's Best Workplaces - again!

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Optidev is for the third time on the list of Sweden's Great Places to Work, and thus once again one of Sweden's 25 best places to work.

“As CEO of Techstep, I am of course extremely proud that Optidev has been named one of Sweden's best workplaces - again. This is something everyone at Optidev should take credit for as this is something they have all together greatly contributed to, ”says a happy Jens Haviken.

The research and consulting company Great Place to Work has once again nominated Optidev for the award Sweden's Best Workplace 2021. The award is based on an employee survey where the organizations with the best workplace culture in the country have been evaluated and listed. To be included in the list of Sweden's Best Workplaces, the organization must be able to show that the employees have an overall positive experience of their workplace.

With its 99 employees, over the years Optidev has had a very good work climate and has since 2018 collaborated with Great Place to Work. “We have a fantastic foundation to stand on when it comes to pride and friendship. An important part of our work climate is to create meaning and participation for the employee. Optidev's corporate culture is permeated by humility and trust for the individual as well as keeping the balance between work and life in general, ”says Optidev HR manager Marje Langseth Seimre.

Great Place to Work also examines the organization's leadership, where businesses must be able to show how they hire, inspire, inform, listen, show appreciation, develop their employees, show consideration, celebrate success, distribute funds and how they work with social responsibility. “Worth mentioning is our vice president David Landerborn, who with his commitment and drive has been our heaviest cultural carrier. He is a big reason why we are here today ", continues Marje Langseth Seimre.

At Optidev, there are several different ways to create a positive work culture. Among other things, there is a "Må Bra group" that places emphasis on activities for well-being. In 2020, the group has worked mostly digitally, given the past year's need for working from home. Despite physical distance and over a year of homework, Optidev has still managed to maintain its position as one of Sweden's best workplaces.

“Now we just long to be able to celebrate this as we always do when we have done something good. There is really a great pent-up need to meet and talk about everything we have achieved in 2020 ", concludes Fredrik Logenius, Managing Director of Optidev.

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