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  • Techstep signs Managed Mobility Services (MMS) agreement with Norwegian healthcare service provider Innlandet Hospital Trust

Techstep signs Managed Mobility Services (MMS) agreement with Norwegian healthcare service provider Innlandet Hospital Trust

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Techstep Norway has signed a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) agreement with Innlandet Hospital Trust (Sykehuset Innlandet HF), a public specialist healthcare service provider for the population of the east of Norway. 

Under the agreement, Techstep will provide Innlandet Hospital Trust with its ‘Flow’ product, a complete MMS-solution for device lifecycle management, which will increase work efficiency and quality for doctors, nurses and other health professionals who use mobile phones and tablets in their everyday work life. 

Innlandet Hospital Trust is investing in Techstep’s MMS solution “Flow”, covering at least 3,300 new managed devices, including Techstep’s own Origo Business Cloud-software together with device service, support, financing, and lifecycle management. The Flow-solution will help Innlandet Hospital Trust digitalize workflows for device management, reduce IT complexity, and provide secure, sustainable end-of-life handling of all managed devices. 

"Innlandet Hospital Trust is an important healthcare institution in Norway and we are proud to assist the hospital in enhancing its mobile work processes and provide good healthcare. Ultimately our ambition is to ensure that Techstep’s Managed Mobility Services improve healthcare professionals’ productivity and ultimately patient care.” says Techstep CEO, Jens Haviken.  

Techstep estimates a total contract value of NOK 8.0 million with 3,300 new managed devices over a two-year period, commencing from the third quarter of 2021. The contract reflects Techstep’s long term strategy of converting existing customers to its complete MMS offering, and to grow the number of managed devices.

About Innlandet Hospital Trust 

Innlandet Hospital Trust (Sykehuset Innlandet HF) is a public specialist healthcare service provider for the population of the east of Norway. Its services include specialist healthcare within somatic, mental healthcare, specialized drug treatment and prehospital services. Innlandet Hospital Trust’s vision is to provide good and equal health services to anyone that needs it.  

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