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Tecnomen Corporation                STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE
                                    15 January 2003 at 10.00 a.m.


Tecnomen is to supply prepaid systems worth approximately a total of
EUR 2.9 million to two subsidiaries of América Móvil Group - PCS
Digital in Guatemala and PCS Digital in Nicaragua. Tecnomen will
replace the existing system for PCS Digital in Guatemala for a CDMA
network, and will provide also a platform for the new PCS GSM network
in Nicaragua. Telgua's fixed line prepaid system will be also
replaced. The orders were placed with Tecnomen in November 2002 and
the systems will be delivered during end of 2002 and beginning of

The contracts further strengthen Tecnomen's relationship with América
Móvil and have also enabled Tecnomen to build its market share in new
Central American countries. Tecnomen is now supplier to six operators
controlled by the América Móvil Group in Latin America. América Móvil
is the leading provider of wireless services in Latin America with
more than 29 million mobile subscribers, and has subsidiaries and
joint ventures across the telecommunications sector in Mexico, Brazil,
Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the
United States and Spain.

"Central America is experiencing significant developments in
telecommunications and there are now more operators, more coverage and
many more services available", said Mr. Marvin Par-González, from PCS
Digital. "We believe strongly that Tecnomen's prepaid expertise and
current partnership will support PCS Digital to gain strong presence
in Nicaragua and Guatemala prepaid markets."

"This deal is extremely important to all parties involved - for
Tecnomen, the fact that the most important operator in the region
relies on our services, further demonstrates that our solutions are of
the highest quality", said Mr. Kimmo Aura, General Manager, Tecnomen
Americas. "Additionally, this deal gives us the opportunity to enter
and build market share in the important and growing Central American
region. For the subscribers of PCS Digital, the platform delivered
provides a great range of choices in terms of tariffing plans and
service features, as well as the flexibility of easy roaming."

Tecnomen’s advanced prepaid system provides operators with an array of
features that can be selectively grouped and targeted to meet the
needs of specific market segments. Tecnomen Prepaid does not impose
any restrictions on SIM cards or handsets, and supports different
protocols, including TDMA, GSM, and CDMA. It can also charge for SMS
and facilitate roaming, allowing subscribers to benefit from a prepaid
service whilst travelling.


Vesa Helkkula
President and CEO

Vesa Helkkula, President and CEO, tel. +358 400 532 034
Kimmo Aura, General Manager, Tecnomen Americas, 
tel. +358 (0)9 8047 8882

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About Tecnomen
Tecnomen develops value-added service systems for teleoperators and
service providers. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers
of messaging systems. Tecnomen has a strong market position in prepaid
systems and intelligent network components, and is the market leader
in paging systems. Tecnomen markets its products and services through
its own worldwide organisation, as well as through global and local
partners. The company operates in 10 locations worldwide and has
supplied its products to customers in over 40 countries. Tecnomen has
almost 500 employees and its shares are quoted on the Helsinki
Exchanges. For more information on Tecnomen visit www.tecnomen.com.

About PCS Digital
PCS Digital is Telgua’s wireless business operated by its affiliates
SERCOM, S.A. de Guatemala y SERCOM, S.A. de Nicaragua. In Guatemala
they operate a CDMA network. In Nicaragua it is a new license
operation using a GSM Network.

About Telecomunicaciones de Guatemala, S.A. (Telgua)
Telecomunicaciones de Guatemala, S.A. is a fixed line
telecommunications operator in Guatemala. Through certain affiliates,
Telgua also provides wireless, Internet, cable television, paging,
data transmission and other services. Telgua’s wireless business is
operated by its affiliates Servicios de Comunicaciones Personales
Inalámbricas, S.A. (Sercom). Sercom’s cellular network uses CDMA
digital technology.

About América Móvil
America Movil is the leading provider of wireless services in Latin
America. It has more than 29 million cellular subscribers across the
continent. For more information visit www.americamovil.com.