Tecnomen Corporation       PRESS RELEASE     11 December 2003


Tecnomen has been selected by Qtel and its network infrastructure
provider, Siemens Mobile Networks, to deliver its Multimedia Messaging
Service Centre (MMSC) to Qtel, a telecommunications service provider
in Qatar. Tecnomen MMSC enables Qtel to deliver rich Multimedia
Messaging Services (MMS) to highly targeted customer segments.
Available globally, Tecnomen MMSC supports prepaid functionality and
allows Qtel to employ various billing models for MMS.

As well as providing a wealth of opportunities, the rapid growth of
Qatar’s economy also presents a variety of challenges to Qtel. One
major challenge is to ensure that the services provided by Qtel are
able to meet and exceed the increasing demands of their subscribers.

"The Tecnomen MMSC enables Qtel to take full advantage of MMS handsets
and adopt a leading role in the emergence of this exciting new market.
Tecnomen’s advanced MMSC also ensures that Qtel is able to comply with
new standards and regulations, as well as being able to provide
exciting new services and increase our revenues," says Nasser Marafin,
Qtel’s CEO. "Tecnomen’s flexible and attractive MMS services support
our strategy to achieve a rapid penetration of MMS in our market with
a customer oriented set of services and applications."

"Siemens has partnered with Tecnomen to deliver messaging systems to
numerous customers over the past years and now we have extended the
partnership to deliver MMSC solutions, making this case a particularly
exciting one," says Matti Kakko, Director, Tecnomen, Middle East
Africa. "One of Qtel’s strengths is its focus on customer service and
the provision of high quality services, which differentiates the
company from other providers in the region. To be selected by such an
innovative service provider as Qtel despite tough competition in the
MMS market is a testament to our reputation and expertise in the MEA

Tecnomen MMSC is the essential core of the MMS environment. It
delivers a feature-rich range of multimedia messaging services that
can be easily customised and integrated with operators’ existing
services. It has the flexibility to support both existing and emerging
MMS business models, including the ability to host multimedia
messaging services for several virtual operators. It also features a
wide variety of billing options including prepaid, post-paid and
content-based billing with dynamic rating, as well as origin- and
destination-based billing.

The Tecnomen MMSC is a highly scalable platform with flexible "pay as
you grow" licensing, allowing operators to invest according to
customer demand and to expand their investment as the business grows.
Tecnomen MMSC is fully standards-compliant, adhering to 3GPP and OMA
standards for MMS. It is fully interoperable with all MMS phones and
with other vendors’ MMSCs, ensuring reliable message delivery. It also
enables operators to meet new regulatory requirements, such as Mobile
Number Portability.

Tecnomen Messaging is a modular service solution that addresses all
aspects of today's messaging needs and provides a solid framework for
meeting future needs with the most advanced technology available. With
Tecnomen Messaging, operators and service providers can build suitable
combinations of services to respond to the needs of their market
segments and target groups.

For more information contact
Mr Matti Kakko, Director, Tecnomen Middle East Africa, 
tel. +971 4 883 8268 or
Mr Norbert Knecht, Director, Partnerships, Tecnomen GmbH, 
tel. +49 6103 5085 24

About Tecnomen
Tecnomen develops value-added service systems for teleoperators and
service providers. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers
of messaging systems. Tecnomen has a strong market position in prepaid
systems and intelligent network components, and is the market leader
in paging systems. Tecnomen markets its products and services through
its own worldwide organisation, as well as through global and local
partners. The company operates in 10 locations worldwide and has
supplied its products to customers in over 40 countries. Tecnomen has
around 440 employees and its shares are quoted on the Helsinki
Exchanges. This year Tecnomen celebrates its 25th anniversary. For
more information on Tecnomen visit www.tecnomen.com.

About Qtel
Q-TEL was established under Law No. 21 of 1998, which came into force
on 25th November 1998, through the transformation of Qatar Public
Telecommunications Corporation, which in turn came into existence on
29 June 1987 with the amalgamation of Qatar National Telephone
Service, Cable and Wireless and the Telecommunications Department at
the Ministry of Communications and Transport with the issuance of Law
No. 13 of 1987.

Q-TEL has exclusive rights to provide telecommunications services in
Qatar, including domestic and international fixed line, and mobile
telecommunications services. It has the right to own, operate and
develop the public telecommunications network in the State of Qatar.
With revenues of QR 1,205 million in 1998, Q-TEL is one of the largest
commercial enterprises in the State of Qatar.

About Siemens
The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (Siemens
mobile) offers a complete range of mobile solutions including mobile
devices, infrastructure and applications. Devices include mobile
phones, wireless modules, mobile organizers and cordless phones as
well as products for wireless home networks. The infrastructure
portfolio includes GSM, GPRS and 3G mobile network technologies from
base stations and switching systems to intelligent networks, e.g. for
prepaid services. Mobile Applications cover end-to-end solutions for
Messaging, Location Based Services or Mobile Payment. For fiscal 2002
(September 30), Siemens mobile recorded sales of € 11 billion and
employed approximately 28,600 people worldwide.

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