Tecnotree Corporation’s share issue to the company itself without consideration

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Tecnotree Corporation Stock Exchange Release 11 Aug 2021 at 19:00 EET

The Board of Directors of Tecnotree Corporation has, based on the authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 15 May 2019, resolved to issue 5,750,000 new shares to the company itself without consideration in accordance with chapter 9 section 20 of the Limited Liability Companies Act. The shares are of the same series as the company’s other shares and entitle to the same shareholder rights as the company’s existing shares after their registration.

The new shares to be issued to the company itself may be used e.g. as a part of the implementation of the company’s incentive programs.

The shares are expected to be entered into the trade register by 30 September 2021, as of which date the new shares will carry equal shareholder rights with the company’s existing shares. Public trading is expected to begin on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd by 30 September 2021 together with the existing shares.

After the registration of the new shares, the number of Tecnotree Corporation shares will be 288,378,428 shares, of which the company holds 20 644 316 shares as own shares.


For further information please contact CEO Padma Ravichander, tel. +97 156 414 1420