Teknos has published its report on non-financial information

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Teknos has published a Group-level report on non-financial information (NFI). The report describes how sustainability is implemented at Teknos and the company's sustainability actions in 2019. The report also presents key non-financial indicators and risks related to the environment, personnel, own operations and the supply chain. The report has been published for the second time.

"We have been investing in sustainability for a couple of years now as part of our renewed strategy. We believe that the report is a great way to increase transparency about our operations. In addition to the report, we aim, of course, to communicate about our sustainability actions throughout the year,” says Paula Salastie, CEO of Teknos Group.

Teknos Corporate Social Responsibility Program is divided into four areas: Sustainable Solutions and Services, Responsible Operations and Supply Chain, People Development and Future Generations.

Teknos is constantly striving to develop coatings that are more durable and safer for both the environment and human health. Reducing the proportion of hazardous chemicals and VOCs in products are examples of such solutions, and sustainability has become an even more integrated part in R&D than ever before.

“Not many are aware that our expertise in coatings can be utilized not only on traditional surface solutions such as coatings, but also in non-conventional ways. Hygienic coatings, fire-retardant coatings or the paper bottle developed in collaboration with industry market leaders are examples of such solutions,” Salastie says.

Cooperation is key

Cooperation plays an important role in Teknos' sustainability strategy.

“By helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals, our positive impact is greater. In addition to long-lasting products we train our customers to help save energy on their painting line or processes, reduce paint waste in production or to ensure the safe use of chemicals. Through partnering, we can utilize expertise from various fields and together develop solutions that are innovative and better for the environment,” Salastie tells.

Last year, Teknos invested in sustainability and leadership training and integrating the Corporate Social Responsibility program into company functions. It is yet to early to say how the current pandemic will affect sustainability actions in the future, but the chemical industry believes that the pandemic will on one hand increase the pressure on companies to protect citizens from chemicals and on the other hand increase the demand for functional coatings. On the positive side, the pandemic has, at least at Teknos, increased remote work and virtual training and meetings, leading to reduced traveling.

“The field of sustainability is constantly changing and our work is just in the beginning. Not everything can be done at once, but the direction is right. We are truly committed to make our company more sustainable in all areas and make our mission “We make the world last longer” reality. This year, we aim to increase our understanding of the climate impact of our own operations, and create more unified practices in energy efficiency and waste management,” Salastie says.

Teknos non-financial statement 2019

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Teknos is a global coatings company with operations in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA. It employs approximately 1,800 people and the net sales for 2019 was EUR 398 million. 
Teknos is one of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings with a strong position in retail and architectural coatings. Teknos wants to make the world last longer by providing smart, technically advanced paint and coating solutions to protect and prolong. Teknos always works in close cooperation with its customers. It was established in 1948, and is one of Finland’s largest family-owned businesses. For further information, visit www.teknos.com