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  • Teknos launches two indoor air purifying paints – the unique paint binds aldehydes from air

Teknos launches two indoor air purifying paints – the unique paint binds aldehydes from air

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Teknos’s popular BIORA paint range is complemented by two new paints that clean indoor air. These paints bind, for example, formaldehyde from indoor air and convert it into harmless compounds. These innovative products are part of Teknos’s responsible product development program. Teknos has also curated a new interior colour chart, delivering an inspiring colour collection to compliment these paints.

Finnish paint manufacturer Teknos launches two unique paints that cleans the air indoors. The technology of innovative BIORA AIR paints is based on aldehyde-binding properties. The paint absorbs and neutralizes aldehydes, like formaldehyde, from the indoor air. The new paints are part of Teknos's extensive product development program which aims to produce innovative and sustainable coatings.

The new BIORA AIR and BIORA AIR CEILING paints are suitable for all interior painting, they are especially suited to renovation projects and new construction, as formaldehyde is often released into the air from renovation works, construction materials as well as new furniture.

“Paints are becoming increasingly functional and can affect living comfort and health. The less formaldehyde there is in indoor air, the cleaner and healthier homes or public spaces are for people to enjoy,” says Technical Manager Petri Sirviö from Teknos.

The Nordic Indoor Air Purifier technology of BIORA AIR has been tested according to the ISO 16000-23 standard, which evaluates the ability of building materials to reduce the formaldehyde content of air. The testing has been performed by an independent laboratory. Depending on the amount of aldehydes and the size of the space and the painted area, the functionality of the paint surface is maintained for about 5–10 years.

Formaldehyde may irritate the respiratory tract and eyes

Indoor air contains impurities from many sources, outside pollution, building materials and furniture. These impurities can be from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), small particles or harmful microbes such as mold. As many of the impurities are odorless, they are difficult to detect before people begin to show symptoms.

Aldehydes are volatile organic compounds. Aldehydes account for a significant proportion of the compounds which impair the indoor air quality. Formaldehyde is considered to be the most harmful aldehyde; it may irritate the respiratory tract and eyes even in small concentrations. High concentrations can cause serious health implications. In the EU, formaldehyde is classified as of special concern for indoor air quality. In addition to building materials, sources of formaldehyde include, for example, household chemicals and textiles.

“Aldehydes are one of the factors burdening our living environment, for which Teknos wants to offer solutions. We are undergoing rapid product development, through which we aim to offer more ecological and safer paints and coatings to the market, for the well-being of both nature and people,” says Sirviö.

Indoor air quality has been proven to affect performance and, as a result, productivity and well-being. It is especially important to invest in better indoor air quality now that many people work remotely and spend most of their day at home. In addition to the choice of paint, indoor air quality can be improved by effective ventilation and regular cleaning of filters in air conditioning and heating systems, as well as by ensuring optimal indoor air temperature and humidity. Minimizing the chemical load in your home, cleaning regularly and having houseplants are also good ways to improve the air quality in your environment.

New colour collection inspired by northern nature

Teknos has also renewed its interior paint palette. Created in collaboration with Teknos's colour designers, the Colour Your Story colour collection draws inspiration from northern nature and Nordic style. A total of 105 timeless interior colours have been selected for the collection from Teknos's extensive collection of interior colours. The colours in the collection are easy to combine.

The waterborne and environmentally friendly BIORA AIR wall paint can be tinted in all of Teknos’ interior colours. BIORA AIR CEILING paint is available in clean white. The paints have received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and the M1 labels.

How to improve good indoor air

- Ensure there is good ventilation and make sure that air and heat circulate well.

- Filter incoming air and keep the filters clean.

- Keep the room temperature and relative humidity at an optimal level.

- Minimize chemical use and choose furniture and other home products carefully.

- Use indoor air cleaning products that reduce airborne contaminants or VOCs such as formaldehyde.

- Avoid smoking indoors and near buildings.

- Use the space correctly. Take care of regular cleaning and maintenance work.


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