WinEasy sets a new standard with the opening of a new DataCenter

WinEasy sets a new standard with the opening of a new DataCenter Tele1 Europe's (NASDAQ: TEUR, Stockholm Stock Exchange: TEUR) wholly owned subsidiary WinEasy is today opening its DataCenter DC:02 at Lidingö, Stockholm. This investment of almost MSEK 100, was initiated in the late spring of 2000 to lay the foundations for further expansion. - The time limits has been met with and the level of interest from customers who have already inspected the facility has been quite unprecedented. The DataCenter sets a new standard regarding the level of security against external threats. For example, the whole facility includes optimal security and redundancy down to every specific component', says Mattias Ödlund, CTO at WinEasy. The DataCenter, which will have a total floor area of almost 2000 square metres, consists of five halls with different levels of security. The first hall was brought into operation in the early autumn and the facility is now ready to receive customers with larger demands regarding area. - For us, the launch of the new DataCenter DC:02 is very accurate in time. During the autumn, we have changed our focus from e-commerce and start-up businesses to traditional industry, insurance, etc., where the requirements are quite different. The quality of the operating environment that we now can deliver in DC:02 is clearly superior to the competitors' facilities. We are very proud to be able to present this facility to the market,' concludes Johannes Bertorp, MD at WinEasy. During the autumn, WinEasy A/S in Norway also acquired a property in Oslo and is now well under way planning a further DataCenter of the same type as the Swedish facility. Although the building work has not even reached the halfway stage yet, three large customer contracts have already been signed concerning co-location and the operation of equipment. In January 2001, WinEasy OY in Finland purchased a large property in Helsinki where another DataCenter will soon be built, although slightly smaller than the Swedish facility. -Unlike the large hosting and outsourcing companies in Europe, we have chosen to build a number of slightly smaller facilities instead of one very large, as we know that proximity to our Nordic customers is essential for success. The security and physical environment we offer is in a class of its own. Another major difference between WinEasy and other players is the fact that we also can provide managing services up to an application level on internet systems and not only 'physical space' in a DataCenter. Analysts have commented on this and predicted that this is the right way to go, another sign that we are on the right track,' comments Ivar Strömberg, Chief Executive Officer, Tele1 Europe. For more information contact WinEasy AB Mattias Ödlund, CTO Telephone: +46 8 56 31 10 58, Mobile: +46 701 88 00 58 E-mail: Tele1 Europe Holding AB Petra Asteson, Investor Relations Assistant Telephone: +46 8 56 31 0344, Mobile +46 701 81 0344 E-mail: More background facts on DC:02 The DataCenter is being constructed to function entirely independently of external factors. Several auxiliary power generators with sufficient capacity to supply a large residential area ensure that the facility will continue to operate in the event of a power cut. A separate and redundant precision cooling system is being constructed with sufficient capacity to remove enough warmth to heat over a hundred large houses. The security relating to physical access to the DataCenter is partly based on biometric authentication, digital movement-sensitive video cameras and the complete logging of all activity. The facility includes Lampertz security rooms built in accordance with the new EU norm EN1047. The security rooms give the facility the highest possible physical protection against external threats. The technical solutions for power supply, precision cooling, alarms and security are extremely advanced and have been designed to the very latest standards. About WinEasy WinEasy is an Internet Operator with its focus on serverhosting and managed services for internetsystems. The company was founded in 1995 and has developed accordingly to the Internets fast expansion and currently employs over 120 people within the northern countries. WinEasy became a part of the Tele1 Europe group in December 1999, and are now working as a independent subsidiary to the Tele1 Europe group. The company had a turnover of SEK 75 million in 2000. The company's major clients include Nokia, Xerox, Teracom and Accenture. About Tele1 Europe Tele1 Europe is a fast-growing data and telecommunications operator with operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, headquartered in Stockholm. The Company offers broadband data, Internet and voice solutions, including server/web hosting and value-added data services to large and medium-sized business customers in the Nordic countries. Tele1 Europe is currently the only pan Nordic data- and telecommunications operator investing in local access networks with broadband capacity. The company is currently constructing networks in the nine largest cities in the Nordic region. The group also operates DSL networks. Tele1 Europe plans to build local access networks using fiber or DSL in 79 additional cities, across the four countries. The access networks, which are linked together with a long-distance network, will be one of Europe's fastest data and Internet super-highways with an initial capacity for customers of up to one gigabit per second. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: