Teleca enables Android for the CDMA Phone Market

Teleca is developing several strategic projects for its customers around Android. One major project we are undertaking is to extend the Android platform to support CDMA radio technology. This will enable handset manufacturers to build CDMA handsets based on Android and will open the Android handset market for CDMA Network Operators.

The current release of Android, available under the open source project from the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), only supports GSM and WCDMA mobile radio technologies. Teleca is enabling the Android platform to support CDMA-only as well as world mode phones (GSM/WCDMA/CDMA). This will allow handset manufacturers and mobile network operators in North America and Asia to enhance their product portfolio with Android based devices supporting the CDMA radio technology. The Android CDMA support will fulfil all major requirements as jointly identified by Teleca with main technology partners in the CDMA ecosystem.

Teleca´s contribution covers all required extensions in the application framework of the telephony stack, the application domain and user interface. In order to support existing applications the application interface is backward compatible, but extended to include CDMA specific methods, parameters or notifications to make the new features accessible by new applications.

Teleca worked with a major CDMA chipset provider to integrate and test the CDMA-enabled Android on a reference phone. The project will be rolled into a future Android release and will be open sourced early 2009.

Our expertise covers the whole range of services from Android target integration and optimization, middleware extension, application development and customization up to Android based platform creation. We offer services for CDMA, GSM and WCDMA. We can also work as the link between operators and handset manufacturers to ensure all operator specific requirements are complied with at launch.

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