Teleca partner Hasselblad in development of new camera system

Teleca partner Hasselblad in development of new camera system Victor Hasselblad AB has contracted Teleca for the development of a new camera system. The assignment involved electronics design and the development of embedded software as well as integration and testing. The new camera system, called the H-system, will further strengthen Hasselblad's position as a leading supplier of cameras for professionals. It uses the picture format 645 and incorporates modern camera technology such as auto focus, automatic exposure and motor operated functions. The new camera addresses professional photographers, within film and digital photography, where the need for fast handheld photography dominates, for example within the fashion industry, wedding photography, sports and news. Hasselblad also expects huge interest from advanced amateur photographers. For compatibility with future products the H-System is built modularly. The new camera system contains a completely new platform concerning control and communication built on a standard electrical interface, databus communication (I2C) and a programmable user interface similar the one used in mobile telephones. R&D Manager Lars Pappila at Hasselblad is very pleased that one of Sweden's most complex commercial projects has resulted in the introduction of the H-System. To Hasselblad the launch of the new camera system is the biggest product event since the classic Hasselblad system was introduced in 1948. "Teleca's engineering expertise combined with their passion and commitment have made them an ideal partner for us for the development of our new camera system", says Lars Pappila. "We are very pleased that Hasselblad chose Teleca for the complex technical development of their new camera system. Hasselblad is one of Swedens most successful brands and it has been a stimulating experience working side by side with their developers", says Tommy Killander, Key Account Manager at Teleca Systems AB For more information contact: Tommy Killander, Key Account Manager, Teleca Systems AB, telephone +46-31-779 45 25, mobile +46-705-79 44 03 Lars Pappila, R&D manager, Hasselblad, telephone +46-31-10 24 30 Thomas Pantzar Executive Vice President, Teleca AB, telephone +46 31-744 80 10, mobile +46 703-79 18 30 Teleca is a European consulting group focused on new technology and R&D. Our business concept is to strengthen our customer's market position and time-to-market. This is achieved by providing professional teams with specialist technical expertise, working in partnership with development-intensive companies world-wide. The group has more than 2,200 employees in 13 countries with a strong presence in the Nordic region, UK, and France. Teleca is quoted on the Attract40 list of Stockholmsbörsen. For further information about the new camera system, please visit Hasselblad's website ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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