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  • Teleca signs contract with Teydo Company for the development of Fleet Management service

Teleca signs contract with Teydo Company for the development of Fleet Management service

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Teleca signs contract with Teydo Company for the development of Fleet Management service Teleca wins multi-million Euro five year contract for the development, system integration and deployment of the FleetOnline® Service using Location Based Services and SMS. Teleca has signed a contract with Teydo Company, the provider of web based Fleet Management solutions for GSM subscribers, for the development of the FleetOnline solution for a five year term. Teleca was selected as the best solution provider based on track record, excellent understanding of the LBS and SMS techniques and existing relationships with subcontractors and operators. Teleca will develop the solution and act as a systems integrator for Geodan (mapping), Carbon Copy (Web interfaces) and Verideon (hosting) "FleetOnline is our first location based service offering which will be launched in Europe in Q1 of 2003" said ir Jaap Groot, Vice President of Operations and Finance at Teydo Company. "Since positioning becomes available through GSM networks we will roll out the service across Europe connecting to all enabled operators over time. We have been going through an in depth analysis of the suppliers in this market and chosen Teleca as our main contractor for the complete solution. We needed a partner that understands the technical possibilities and has the skills to develop and roll out a pan European service". "Teleca is a leading provider of solutions in the GSM markets around the world" according to Nick Williams, Director Operators and Enterprise at Teleca Ltd. "We are glad that a state of the art LBS solution like FleetOnline will be available soon and surely we feel confident that the approach Teydo Company is taking towards Fleet Management for small and medium sized companies is an excellent solution. Both founders have proven track records in the Fleet Management market and the web based service will be a state of the art and intuitive 'killer application' in the LBS arena across Europe". FleetOnline is the first subscription free Fleet Management service on the Internet using Location Based Services and the Short Message Service (SMS) functionality of the GSM networks. FleetOnline enables fleet owners in transport and field service to position their vehicles and employees on accurate streetlevel maps across Europe. New or additional information regarding the workload and the status of the orders and vehicle are exchanged between home base and GSM terminal using SMS in realtime. FleetOnline requires no subscription, no additional hardware and no complex software. For additional information, contact: · Nick Williams, Director Operators and Enterprise, Teleca Ltd, tel + 44 7836 571 547 · ir Jaap Groot, Vice President of Operations and Finance, Teydo Company BV, tel + 31 302 712 629 Teleca is a European consulting group focused on new technology and R&D. Our business concept is to strengthen our customer's market position and time-to-market. This is achieved by providing professional teams with specialist technical expertise, working in partnership with development-intensive companies world-wide. The group has more than 2,300 employees in 15 countries with a strong presence in the Nordic region, UK, and France. Teleca is quoted on the Attract40 list of Stockholmsbörsen. www.teleca.com. Teydo Company BV. is a service provider of fleet management solutions that deliver the vital, frontline positioning and messaging intelligence to drive fleet management execution decisions and processes. Teydo Company's service FleetOnline help fleetowners worldwide control their fleets and reduce operational costs while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Fleet Online is available for everyone who has an internet connection and a GSM subscription at no additional cost or investment. www.teydo.com . ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/25/20021125BIT00220/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/25/20021125BIT00220/wkr0002.pdf