Teleca to construct digital labour exchange for Denmark

Teleca to construct digital labour exchange for Denmark Through its subsidiary, AU-System AB, Teleca has secured an agreement with the Danish Labour Market Board for the development and maintenance of applications for digital labour exchange via the Internet. The first assignment is for a CV Bank, which is to be brought on-line on October 1. At the beginning of 2003, a new Job Bank is also to be brought on- line. The agreement extends over a period of four years and is valued at approximately SEK 30 M. Teleca won the assignment in an EU-wide bidding procedure, in competition with a number of international competitors. For several years, AU-System AB, which now forms part of the Teleca Group, has conducted similar assignments for the Swedish Labour Market Board. The company has also developed a European CV bank on assignment by the Swedish Labour Market Board. "We look forward to working with Teleca," says Mikala Kreiser, office manager at the Danish Labour Market Board. "Teleca is a competent and visionary partner in the development process set to take place over the next few years. Through collaboration with the Swedish Labour Market Board and Teleca, we are able to take a shortcut toward our goal of establishing a digital labour exchange. The recycling of knowledge and technology provides a cost-efficient development of services and an earlier launch." The overall target for the digitization of the Danish Labour Market Board's services is to offer companies and those seeking employment improved service by increasing self-service opportunities for the customers of the labour exchanges. The digitization process will also increase efficiency in internal procedures and in cooperation with other bodies such as municipalities and unemployment insurance providers. The new agreement provides direct evidence that it is possible to establish efficient collaboration between authorities in different EU countries, providing benefits for all involved. "Many years working with the Swedish Labour Market Board have provided us with an in-depth understanding for the needs of operations of this kind," explains Lars Alvesköld, Business Unit Manager at Teleca subsidiary, AU-System AB. "Combined with our documented skill in translating visions into well functioning technical solutions, this has given us a unique position in the market." The technical platform for the new Job Bank is Microsoft.NET. For further information, contact: · Lars Alvesköld, Business Unit Manager, AU-System AB, telephone +46 8-726 77 09, mobile +46 706-63 14 87, · Thomas Pantzar, Senior Vice President, Teleca AB, telephone +46 31-744 80 10, mobile +46 703-79 18 30, · Mikala Kreiser, Office Manager, Danish Labour Market Board, telephone +45 35-28 83 20, mobile +45 40-32 09 57, Teleca is one of Europe's leading consulting companies in new technology and R&D. Our business concept is to strengthen our customer's market position and time-to-market. This is achieved by providing professional teams with specialist technical expertise to work in partnership with development-intensive companies all over the world. The Group has more than 2,300 employees in 13 countries. It occupies a strong position in the Nordic countries, the UK and France. Teleca is listed on Stockholmsbörsen's Attract40. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: