Telelogic and Altia Partner to Provide Advanced Visual Prototyping

Telelogic and Altia Partner to Provide Advanced Visual Prototyping - Telelogic Tau® and Altia FacePlate Enable Faster, More Cost Effective Visual Prototypes for SDL Applications - MALMÖ, Sweden and IRVINE, California - December 3, 2001 - Telelogic, (Stockholm Exchange: TLOG), the leading global provider of solutions for advanced software and systems development, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Altia, Inc., an established leader in simulation graphics software for embedded systems. According to the agreement, Telelogic and Altia will jointly coordinate sales and marketing initiatives for their complementary solutions, Telelogic Tau SDL Suite and Altia FacePlate. Altia FacePlate complements the Telelogic Tau SDL Suite by enabling customers to create user interface simulations that can be connected to SDL applications. The integration extends the advanced capabilities of the Telelogic Tau SDL Suite simulator to enable stakeholders to visualize actual behavior of use cases. "Early validation of customer requirements is key to risk management in software and systems development," said Bill Philbin, senior vice president of Telelogic's global product operations. "Together, Telelogic and Altia can offer customers faster and more cost effective visual prototyping without the need to write code, as well as provide a more powerful connection between user interfaces and executable models. As a result, Telelogic Tau users will have the ability to graphically simulate use cases, which will enable them to solicit early customer involvement and feedback." "Altia's partnership with Telelogic is a win-win situation," said Michael Juran, President Altia, Inc. "It will enable Altia to leverage Telelogic's domain, technology, and market leadership in diverse markets such as telecom, automotive, and military/aerospace, while Telelogic will gain increased visibility among new and existing customers seeking solutions for user interface simulation." Telelogic Tau Telelogic Tau is Telelogic's world-leading tool set for analyzing, designing, implementing, and testing reliable, distributed, real-time systems software. It specifically addresses the challenges faced by real- time systems developers. The Telelogic Tau solution is comprised of the following best-of-class tools: · Telelogic Tau UML Suite -- for analysis and object oriented modeling. Developers can work in parallel on multiple releases, allowing maintenance and enhancements to be performed at the same time instead of one after the other. · Telelogic Tau SDL Suite -- for real-time system design and implementation. Developers can work in a software environment that enables them to develop code, which is both platform independent and has well-defined graphical interfaces for easier review of code. · Telelogic Tau TTCN Suite -- for rapid and thorough software testing. Developers can work in a software environment with built-in facilities for automation of test simulation, verification, and validation. Altia FacePlate Altia FacePlate provides a simulation drag-and-drop front panel builder and connection environment and it includes hundreds of high-quality, full-featured pre-built components. Designed to seamlessly integrate with leading system simulation and modeling tools, Altia FacePlate is the perfect complement to the advanced UML and SDL solutions inherent in the Telelogic Tau suites. With no additional programming effort required, developers can: · Quickly build an interactive graphical front panel with drag-and- drop libraries. · Connect the graphics to the simulation in minutes with turnkey integration. · Log and play events for regression testing to verify specifications and minimize bugs during changes to the model. · Deliver stand-alone, royalty-free demos to distribute and gather feedback. · Construct and deploy web-based prototypes. About Altia, Inc. Altia, Inc., ( headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, provides Simulation Graphics software for the Embedded Systems industry. Altia graphics combine with leading system, control, software, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation products to help developers produce interactive virtual prototypes, which can be tested by customers. This up-front customer testing finds specification errors early, saving manufacturers time and money. Altia's focus is purely on graphics - leaving the development of the simulation engine to the experts in their respective fields. This results in the best possible performance and flexibility for customers while it frees the simulation companies to focus more resources on best- in-class simulation development. More importantly, it helps customers optimize their investment in graphics by re-using them across various technologies and tools. In addition to graphics, Altia supplies ready-to-use connections to leading simulators. Unlike "integration frameworks" that require additional programming by customers, Altia's connections require no extra effort. As a result, developers save time and start enjoying the benefits of Altia graphics immediately after installation. About Telelogic Founded in 1983, Telelogic ( is the leading global provider of solutions that enable advanced software and systems development. The company's automated application lifecycle solution includes integrated best-in-class software and professional services for requirements management, change and configuration management, development, testing, and documentation. Telelogic enables organizations to improve quality and predictability, while reducing time-to-market and overall costs in software development. Built on an open architecture that ensures interoperability with other leading third party solutions, Telelogic's products are based on international standardized languages and notations. Telelogic participates in 3GPP, Bluetooth SIG and OMG to create future communication technologies and visual software development languages and methods. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden the company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Customers include Airbus, Alcatel, BMW, Boeing, BT, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Philips and Siemens. Contact Americas: Contact Europe/Asia: Michael E. Donner Ingemar Ljungdahl VP, Marketing and Communications CTO Telelogic Americas Telelogic AB Phone: +1 (949) 885 2496 Phone: +46 40-17 47 01 Fax: +1 (949) 885 2555 Fax: +46 40 17 47 17 E-mail: E-mail: Telelogic, and Telelogic Tau are registered trademarks of Telelogic AB. All other names or product names are the trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of their respective holders. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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