Telelogic Tau Logiscope 5.0 ensures best practices for C/C++/Java applications

Telelogic Tau Logiscope 5.0 ensures best practices for C/C++/Java/Ada applications MALMÖ, Sweden, June 30th, 2000 - Telelogic AB (Stockholm Stock Exchange:TLOG), the leading supplier of software development tools for real-time and communications applications, today announced the availability of its latest, most powerful quality assessment environment to date - Telelogic Tau Logiscope 5.0. Logiscope 5.0 takes manual coding, using C/C++, Java or Ada applications, a giant step on its way to perfection. It enables large development organizations to share the best coding practices, thus cutting time-to- market, increasing product quality, and lowering the cost for eliminating errors. "With the release of Logiscope 5.0, we focused on improving speed and user-friendliness. The new user interface in combination with the high level of automation makes Logiscope an every-day development companion for software engineers," says Erwan Paccard, product marketing manager of Telelogic AB. "Logiscope is an excellent complement to our graphical tools, ensuring top quality where manual coding is used." Logiscope 5.0 provides five ways to reach zero errors in C/C++,Java and Ada development: @ It boosts the efficiency of programming resources by finding the bugs early in the development process. Error prone modules detection and code reviews are automated which makes software development faster and less expensive. @ It enables each organization to leverage on best practices. Logiscope 5.0 includes quality metrics and coding rules that improves the maintainability, testability and portability of software. It improves the software process by sharing and applying coding know-how throughout development organizations. @ It manages and controls the complexity of software. Logiscope 5.0 provides many means to give a graphical view of manually written code. With visual outputs, such as Call Graphs, Control Graphs and Inheritance Graphs, the developer gets a clear picture of the structure and behavior of the system and can then quickly identify and solve complex problems. @ It optimizes the test process. Efficient testing guarantees shorter time to market and better product. Logiscope 5.0 helps to identify inefficient or redundant test suites and non-covered source code. @ It distributes software development guidelines throughout development organizations. Logiscope 5.0 automatically detects programming rule violations and enables a homogeneous programming style within development projects. No matter how many development sites and subcontractors are involved, it ensures they all speak the same language and use the same coding style. More detailed information about the tool and its benefits can be found at Availability Telelogic Tau Logiscope 5.0 will be available for shipment on June 30, 2000 for the following platforms: Microsoft® Windows® 98 and Windows NT 4.0. The product line is available for C/C++, Java, and Ada development. About Telelogic Tau Telelogic Tau is comprised of tools for the analysis, design and testing of event-driven, real-time applications. Telelogic Tau merges the graphical notation of UML, in the Telelogic Tau UML Suite, the real-time design and development language SDL, in the Telelogic Tau SDL Suite, and the ISO standard test scripting language TTCN, in the Telelogic Tau TTCN Suite. These tools provide a complete software development, simulation and testing environment for real-time and communications applications. Telelogic Tau also offers SCADE (Safety Critital Application Development Environment), a tool for developing time-triggered, safety-critical systems and Logiscope, a tool suite that facilitates quality assessments of software written in C, C++, Ada or Java. About Telelogic AB Telelogic is the world's leading supplier of software development solutions for real-time and communicating systems. By offering high- quality graphical tools, software components and professional services, Telelogic makes the development of software more rapid, less labor intensive, and more reliable. Customers include Alcatel, BMW, Boeing, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed-Martin, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Siemens and a number of universities and institutions worldwide. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Telelogic's worldwide presence includes sales and service offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Information about Telelogic and its products can be found at Contacts: Ingemar Ljungdahl Jane Gallagher Alleva CTO Rainier Corporation (for Telelogic) Telelogic AB Phone: +1 978 464-5302 ext. 125 Phone: +46 40 17 47 00 Erwan Paccard Product Marketing Manager Telelogic AB Phone: +33 1 58 33 70 10 Telelogic, Telelogic Tau, Logiscope, ObjectGeode and SCADE are trademarks of Telelogic. All other products are the trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of their respective holder. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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