Nominations open for the Children's Climate Prize 2016

Today, 22nd August, nominations open for the Children's Climate Prize 2016, the prize that gives children an opportunity to reach for the stars and at the same time highlights one of today's most important issues. Humanity is at a turning point in history and for the condition of our planet. Time is running out. Therefore we are looking for the next generation’s climate hero. After all, it is children's futures which are at stake. The nomination process is open between 22nd August and 22nd October 2016.

On a daily basis we hear politicians and scientists speaking about climate change; we hear about ocean acidification, stratospheric ozone, loss of biodiversity, chemical pollution, and aerosols in the atmosphere. Too seldom do we hear positive vibes and hope on the subject. Therefore the time has come to pay attention to the projects and initiatives coming from the next generation: children and young people in Sweden and around the world, climate heroes who refuse to believe in the dystopian predictions and who are fighting tirelessly for a sustainable future, in different ways and on different terms so that we all can live well and prosper in harmony with nature. 

On Thursday 24th November 2016 the first ceremony of the newly instituted environmental prize, the Children's Climate Prize, takes place in Sweden. Another well-known Swedish award is the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious one of them all. The Children's Climate Prize is aiming just as high, therefore everything will be carried out just as it would be for the Nobel Prize with the prize ceremony in City Hall with accompanying banquet in impressive surroundings, with prominent guests from all over the world. 

The winner of this year's Children's Climate Prize will be announced when chairman of the jury, Johan Kuylenstierna, opens the door to his office at the Stockholm Environment Institute. This will take place the week before the award ceremony. 

There will be an opportunity for press and media to be present at the Stockholm Environment Institute for the announcement of this year's winner, please register your attendance with the press officer no later than 22nd October.

About the Children's Climate Prize
The prize is international and anyone can nominate or be nominated. The winner will receive a medal, a diploma and prize money of 50,000 Swedish kronor. The prize is awarded to a child or group of children, ages 10-16, who has, in an exemplary manner, made an extraordinary contribution to the climate and environment. Of all submissions, five will be selected by the jury and announced publicly in early November. One of the five will be the winner of the Children's Climate Prize 2016. The jury consists of Johan Kuylenstierna, director of the SEI, business economist and author Kjell A. Nordström, Sandra Jönsson from WWF Panda Planet, Katarina Mohlin from IF and Soledad Piñero Misa founder of Retoy. Children from France, USA and New Zealand, who participated in the Children's Climate Conference in 2015 will also participate in the jury, as well as students from Blombacka School, class 5, in Södertälje, Sweden.

The award ceremony takes place on 24th November which is the anniversary of the Children's Climate Conference - the acclaimed climate meeting held in November 2015 in Södertälje, Sweden. When children from all over the world joined forces to put pressure on the world leaders ahead of the climate summit in Paris, COP21.

To nominate your contribution to the Children's Climate Prize, please read more here. 

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*On the photo from the left: Hanna Gorgis (Blombacka School, Södertälje, Sweden), Johan Kuylenstierna (Stockholm Environment Institute), McKenzie Royo (USA), Katarina Mohlin (IF), Sandra Jönsson (World Wildlife Foundation, WWF), Juliette Potier (France), Soledad Pinero Misa (Retoy), Melina Melkemichel (Blombacka School, Södertälje, Sweden), Kjell A Nordström (business economist and author) och Mikaira Hireme (New Zealand).

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The Children's Climate Prize is an international climate event for environmentally conscious people from all over the world. It is a platform to inspire and give young people opportunities to drive change. The prize is awarded to a young person who has taken extraordinary actions for the climate, environment and future generations. The Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi initiated the prize with the purpose ofspotlighting the climate issue from the perspectiveof the next generation. To read more about the prize, please visit: