Nominations open for this year's Children's Climate Prize 2017

The search for this year's winner of the Children's Climate Prize is on! Founded by Telge Energi in 2016, the prize is awarded to a child or youth who has done something extraordinary for the climate and environment. Last year, the inaugural prize was very much appreciated and received much attention in the media. Now the search for this year's winner of the Children's Climate Prize is on.

Nominations open today, 19 April, and are easy to register on Telge Energi's website. Everything from projects to climate-smart inventions and gadgets can be nominated. The prize is awarded to an individual, group or organization. The competition is international and we accept nominations from all around the world.

Last year, Telge Energi awarded the first Children's Climate Prize to the inspiring climate warrior Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, age 16, from the USA. During his visit to Sweden for the prize-giving ceremony, he participated in the Skavlan TV talkshow, among other things, and took the climate debate to a whole new level.

The criteria for the Children’s Climate Prize have been developed and simplified, so that it is clear what is required for participation. We welcome nominations 19 April-30 September and all contributions can be easily reported using the nomination form on Telge Energi's website.

The award ceremony of the Children's Climate Prize 2017 will be held in the Södertälje City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden on 22 November.

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Telge Energi climate awareness
Telge Energi is a power company from Södertälje, Sweden, fighting to save the world. The company has a 100% renewable product; energy from the solar, wind and hydro power, and profits go to several climate initiatives. To mark the anniversary of the Children's Climate Conference in 2015 and continue to push the climate issue from a more positive perspective, Telge Energi founded the Children’s Climate Prize in 2016. The prize was established to highlight the projects and initiatives made by the next generation, children and young people in Sweden and the world: climate heroes who refuse to be discouraged by the dystopian forecasts and are fighting tirelessly for a sustainable future, in different ways and with different conditions. They deserve to be listened to. Find out more at

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The Children's Climate Prize is an international climate event for environmentally conscious people from all over the world. It is a platform to inspire and give young people opportunities to drive change. The prize is awarded to a young person who has taken extraordinary actions for the climate, environment and future generations. The Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi initiated the prize with the purpose ofspotlighting the climate issue from the perspectiveof the next generation. To read more about the prize, please visit: