The Children’s Climate Prize presents this year’s jury!

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The Children's Climate Prize has evolved and is now an established platform for environmentally-conscious young people from all over the world. The award at the center of the event is presented to a child or youth who has done something extraordinary for the climate or the environment. We now present 2018’s Children's Climate Prize jury who has the hard task of appointing five finalists, of which one will be the winner.

The prize was initiated in 2016 by Telge Energi, a company exclusively working with renewable energy sources thus taking a stand for sustainable development for more than 10 years. But Telge Energi want to do more to help save the world while also supporting others on the same journey. Therefore, the company launched the Children's Climate Prize two years ago to award a child or youth who has made extraordinary world-enhancing efforts focusing on climate and the environment. The prize was established to spotlight the climate issue from the perspective of children and young adults, with the insight that the future at stake is theirs. The winner and all finalists are selected by a jury and the winner receives diploma, a medal and 50,000 SEK.

An independent jury has now been appointed and holding the gavel yet another year will be climate profile, Johan Kuylenstierna. Another member of this year’s jury is Luca Berardi, a finalist of the Children’s Climate Prize in 2016, who has since moved to Lund, Sweden. Earlier this year, Luca received Lund's environmental award for his substantial involvement in climate issues. Telge Energi's staff will be more involved in the initiative this year and a staff representative will also take part in this year's jury.

The Children’s Climate Prize Jury 2018:

Johan Kuylenstierna, Senior advisor to Stockholm Environment Institute

Micael Dahlén, writer and professor at Stockholm School of Economics

Doreen Månsson, TV personality, engaged in environmental and social causes

Luca Berardi, finalist of the Children’s Climate Prize in 2016 and recipient of Lund’s environmental award 2018

Zeinab Ismail Adem, WWF Sweden Youth

Katarina Mohlin, Board member of Telge Energi

Telge Energi-staff representative, chosen just before the jury meeting this fall

The Children’s Climate Prize takes place on November 20 - 21st. On April 23rd we started accepting applications and all contributions are easily submitted via a form on our website which can be found here >>

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The beauty of the Children’s Climate Prize is that it allows the generation most affected by the negative consequences of climate change, to be part of the solution. Thus, hopefully, increasing today’s decision makers willingness to take action
Katarina Mohlin, Board member of Telge Energi
The Children's Climate Prize is an opportunity for young people who are active in climate mitigation efforts to inspire one another, as well as other young people around the world, especially in this time when our fragile home needs more attention than ever
Luca Berardi, Children's Climate Prize finalist 2016 and recipient of Lunds Environmental Award 2018