The Children’s Climate Prize will raise the prize money

The winner of the Children's Climate Prize receives a medal, a diploma and 50 000 SEK in prize money to invest in environmental and climate projects. This year, the initiators of the prize, Telge Energi, will add 1 extra SEK to the prize award for every person who supports the winner. They do this to raise the prize money, create awareness regarding climate issues and to support young people’s rights to a sustainable future.

Human-induced global warming has been a reality and truth for decades. Passivity and denial have characterized politics, society and businesses. The effects of global warming are happening faster than predicted. The crisis is here and now. We have received many warnings over the years and done nothing. It’s time to act on the most important issue of our time, to secure a stable planet for future generations. This is why the Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi launched the Children’s Climate Prize in 2016. To spotlight the climate issue from the perspective of the next generation, with the insight that the future at stake is theirs.

Telge Energi has realized that with a platform like the Children's Climate Prize, young people can be involved in change. This position should be used to create positive change in society and empower people to engage in environmental and climate issues. Therefore, the company will add 1 extra Swedish krona (SEK) to the prize money for each person who supports the winner’s initiative. Who the winner is will be revealed in November.

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The Children’s Climate Prize is an established platform for environmentally-conscious young people from all over the world. It is a two-day event, the award show at the Stockholm City Hall November 20th and the very appreciated Children’s Climate Talks at Södertälje City Hall on November 21st where the finalists present their projects more in-depth and participate in talks with influential environmental profiles.

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About Us

The Children's Climate Prize is an international climate event for environmentally conscious people from all over the world. It is a platform to inspire and give young people opportunities to drive change. The prize is awarded to a young person who has taken extraordinary actions for the climate, environment and future generations. The Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi initiated the prize with the purpose ofspotlighting the climate issue from the perspectiveof the next generation. To read more about the prize, please visit: