TeliaSonera International Carrier launches one of the world’s largest IPX platforms

TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) announces the launch of TeliaSonera IPX. Based on TSIC’s global fiber backbone with 200 PoPs worldwide, this is one of the largest IPX networks launched to date.

Available to both TeliaSonera group and external operators, at launch it carries TSIC’s roaming and signaling portfolio and VoIPX. This will be supplemented with LTE signaling services later in 2013 and a comprehensive suite of additional IPX services to follow.

TSIC’s optical network is 100G-enabled throughout North America and Europe and includes key markets in Eastern Europe. As a result, IPX now reaches new markets. It also offers all operators a new direct high performance option to guarantee their end-user experience. This will help meet the growing end-customer demand to be able to do anything on their mobile devices from anywhere they want – the trend towards anywhereization.

“Once people experience higher quality they won’t be willing to go back. IPX is crucial to meeting the growing demands of mobile customers”, says Veysel Aral, President of TeliaSonera Eurasia, “This is an important launch and shows TeliaSonera’s commitment to quality.”

Customers won’t go back

As soon as end-customers experience higher quality, they demand it. And they won’t pay for anything less. The constant increase of network speeds, particularly over the past 10 years, has created a generation of end-users who expect bandwidth and mobility to just keep going up. TeliaSonera IPX has been developed to meet the demands of this generation.

Because TSIC owns its own network from end to end, it can monitor and manage IPX traffic from end to end. This guarantees quality of service from the optical layer up. It also provides the bandwidth needed for an elastic network that can scale to meet traffic peaks and exploding bandwidth demands.

Future-enabled IPX

While TSIC is not the first to market with IPX, it has been offering component services for years. For example, TSIC was the first to offer multiple-services-over-one-port as standard at all PoPs and has done so since 2006. TSIC has also taken a full part in testing with mobile operators and other IPX hubs. TeliaSonera IPX has an architecture that exceeds GSMA and i3forum requirements and strong foundations to meet the emerging demands of the future. To achieve this future focus, TSIC developed its IPX platform based on the principles of the carrier declarations.

“The Carrier Declarations define quality in a network. They are the principles that we live by”, says Erik Hallberg, President of TeliaSonera International Carrier. “They challenge us to always look to the future as well as today. We are launching IPX confident that we have a platform that can carry services that haven’t even been invented yet. It is part of our commitment to being the carrier of the future”.

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