Business travellers important target group for Telia

Business travellers important target group for Telia In October 1999, Telia launched its wireless broadband service HomeRun. The primary target group for HomeRun is business travellers. They need to be connected and be able to work while away from the office. The market is big - the cost of business travel in Sweden in 1999 exceeded 30 MSEK.* A recent survey made by the magazine Affärsresenären indicates that the IT standard of the hotel is important to the business traveller who wants to make optimal use his/her time. As many as 87 per cent of the participants of the survey want to be able to send and receive e-mail at their hotel. However, this is still not possible at many hotels. - Business travellers are a very important target group to us, since they have great need of mobile services, says Lars Karlsson, marketing director of Telia HomeRun. Many travellers want to connect to their company's intranet, or send and receive e-mail, while on a trip, and we see an increased demand for our wireless broadband services from several hotel chains. Today, HomeRun is available at many hotel chains, railway stations, exhibitions and conference centres in Sweden, and before the end of the year, SAS will have installed this service at all of its international lounges around the globe. The traveller using HomeRun can access the Internet or connect a VPN client to the company intranet from any place where Telia HomeRun has been installed. Telia recently made an agreement with Sweden Hotels concerning the installation of HomeRun at all hotels belonging to this chain in Sweden, and with American Express and Nyman & Schultz, who will be retailers for the HomeRun application. Facts: With a card for a wireless LAN in the computer, it is easy to connect to the Internet in any environment where HomeRun has been installed. Telia HomeRun can handle communication speeds of 11 Mbps and is based on the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN standard, which is the first standard developed for wireless networks. More information: Press Room. *According to the data base of the Travel and Tourist Business in Sweden. For further information journalists can contact: Lars Karlsson, Market Manager HomeRun, Telia Mobile Sverige, +46 70 511 86 20 Susanne Amlert, Director PR & Communications, Telia Mobile Sverige, +46 70 655 30 90 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: