Find Your Friends with Telia FriendFinder

Find Your Friends with Telia FriendFinder As of today, Telia's more than three million Swedish mobile telephone customers will have access to the FriendFinder positioning service. The service will enable people, via SMS, the Internet or WAP, to easily see if any friends are in the vicinity, and to be able to communicate with them - either individually or as a group. FriendFinder is based on mobile positioning, which implies that a mobile telephone can sense the location of another mobile telephone. In order to be positioned by somebody else, one must first approve that others may see where one is located. It is also possible to make oneself "invisible" at any time should one not want to be positioned for the time being. -The service is targeted primarily towards our young customers. Youngsters are very interested in mobile entertainment services and are important users of SMS. With FriendFinder, it will be easy to see if a friend is close by should one feel like having a cup of coffee in town, says Anders Bruse, Manager of Telia Mobile Sweden. Should one use FriendFinder with the Internet, a map will be sent indicating where the friend is located. With SMS and WAP, the description will come in text form. To position a person via SMS will cost SEK 3, and up to 10 people can be positioned simultaneously. FriendFinder does not only help to find out where friends are, but also enables one to communicate with friends individually or as a group via SMS, WAP or the Internet. The FriendFinder positioning service is available in Sweden. For further information journalists can contact: Håkan Ström, Press Officer, Telia Mobile Sweden: +46 (0)8 7135830 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: