New Group Management appointed by Telia

New Group Management appointed by Telia Telia has appointed a new Group Management team. The new Group Management consists of the following people: Marianne Nivert, President and Chief Executive Officer; Bo Jacobsson, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Kenneth Karlberg, Executive Vice President of Telia AB and head of the Telia Mobile Business area; Lars Härenstam, with special responsibility for corporate development and human resources; Anders Gylder, head of Telia Sweden; Jan Johansson, head of the Telia Networks business area; Michael Kongstad, head of Corporate Communications; Eva Lindqvist, head of the Telia Equity business area; Emanuela Pedrocco, marketing manager, Competence Market; Jan Rudberg, with special responsibility for new business; Lars Rydin, head of the Telia International Carrier business area; Indra Åsander, head of the Telia Internet Services business area. "In connection with the appointment of Telia's new Group Management, "Acting" has been removed before President and CEO in Marianne Nivert's title. We are doing this so to show that there is no doubt that Marianne Nivert has the complete decision-making power that a CEO should have, and which she has already demonstrated to have. This is a formal confirmation of the status of things, which does not change the statement made by Marianne Nivert earlier that she plans to retire from Telia at the age of 62 in September 2002," commented Telia Chairman Lars-Eric Petersson. Marianne Nivert made the following statement about Telia's new Group Management: "The new Group Management is a well composed leadership team with broad experience and competence. Telia can now continue the streamlining programme that we have already launched. With the new management in place, Telia is preparing for the future." Telia has also decided to establish an Executive Committee that will deal with matters concerning the Group's strategic development, business development and Group-wide measures in accordance with the board's guidelines and instructions. The members of the Executive Committee are Marianne Nivert, President and CEO, Bo Jacobsson, CFO, Lars Härenstam with special responsibility for corporate development and human resources, and Jan Rudberg with special responsibility for new business development. For further information journalists can contact: Telia's Press Office, phone +46 8 713 58 30 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: