Skanova provides broadband via ADSL to Telenordia

Skanova provides broadband via ADSL to Telenordia Skanova, an independent network wholesale company in the Telia group, has signed an agreement with Telenordia on deliveries of broadband Internet connection via ADSL. The agreement enables Telenordia to offer their customers broadband services, to households, housing co-operatives and real estate companies. - This deal is of strategic importance to us. Telenordia is apart from Telia the first telecom operator established in the Swedish market to sign this type of agreement, says Indra Åsander, Market Director at Skanova. The product offered by Skanova is called Skanova Broadband ADSL. It enables an operator or service provider to offer their customers, on Skanova's broadband Internet connection, services like broadband surf-the- net, video, games or intelligent domestic services. About Skanova: Skanova is an independent wholesale network provider within the Telia group of companies. Skanova operates Sweden's largest telecom and data network, and offers its customers full network access, services and support. Our goal is to meet the growing need for top quality services. The challenge lies in enhancing the competitiveness of our customers with ground-breaking, sometimes unexpected, solutions. We have 2,500 employees, and our estimated turnover for our first year of operations is SEK 20 billion. For further information journalists can contact: Indra Asander, Market Director, Skanova +46 8 713 1660 Lars Joelsson, press Officer Skanova +46 8 713 2807 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: