Telia first in the world with GSM over IP

Telia first in the world with GSM over IP Telia will be the first in the world to integrate telecommunications and data communications with Internet Protocol (IP) technology. In Sweden, SEB IT Service and Sigma Exallon Systems AB have signed agreements with Telia and will be the first pilot customers. A new and exciting technology is being used to integrate local area networks (LANs) into the GSM wireless network using IP. Telia is now launching a pilot project in association with SEB IT Service and Sigma Exallon Systems to test the use of GSM wireless communications over IP, in which seamless datacom, Internet, mobile communications and IP-based telephony services are being integrated on a single network infrastructure. With GSM over IP, customers do not have to build up different networks for telephony and data communications - their LAN is the only network needed. All users are assigned with their own personal telephone number like a social security number. With this personal number, they can use any type of terminal on the premises. Personnel are assigned mobile phones with a WAP browser, giving them access to the company's databases from any location where there is GSM coverage. Firewalls are used to protect the information from unauthorized access by external parties. GSM over IP technology can be customized to suit each customer's special needs. Advanced video conferencing is one possible future service that can be provided, for example. The platform for Telia's GSM over IP service is Ericsson's "GSM on the Net" technology, which integrates GSM wireless communications into a customer's LAN/intranet. A local GSM network is installed in a company's office building in which small radio base stations are used for handling internal GSM traffic on the premises. Depending on needs, users can use multimedia terminals or fixed IP telephones in addition to their GSM handsets. The target group for the GSM over IP service includes companies with more than 50 users who have a substantial need for communications, who are highly mobile and can understand the potential benefits and advantages of the new technology. In Sweden, the consulting company Sigma Exallon Systems AB has about 100 employees in Malmö and around 15 in Ronneby. Participating in the pilot project are some 10-20 people on all company levels, from all departmental functions. "Sigma is an aggressive and future-oriented company in wireless technologies and mobile solutions," says Patrik Strandéus, Executive Vice President of Sigma Exallon Systems AB. "GSM over IP is an interesting communications solution with great future potential. That's why it's natural for Sigma to participate in this pilot project. GSM over IP gives our employees complete personal mobility and a single phone number." SEB IT Service, the information technology services company of the SEB Bank, has about 550 employees, of whom five to ten will participate in the beginning of the pilot project. "GSM over IP is completely in line with our strategy to integrate fixed and mobile telephony," says Lars Gräns at SEB IT Service. "It is also an excellent service for coordinating our bank branches with large units like our regional offices. In addition, IP telephony allows the introduction of brand-new services in our business concept, which fits in very well with SEB Bank's initiative in the Internet banking area." "We have envisioned the potential of this technology for years, and now we can offer the product to realize it," says Telia's Per Englund, Manager for GSM over IP services. "The integration of these two successful platforms - GSM and IP - opens up new opportunities for people to be mobile and available at the same time, in a way that was not possible before." 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