Telia launches new broadband portal for all Internet users

Telia launches new broadband portal for all Internet users Telia has developed a new broadband portal for all private individuals and households using the Internet, whether they have broadband access or not. Telia's broadband portal provides facts, news, entertainment, information and various communication services all on the same site, in a user- friendly format. Telia's new broadband portal was opened to all Internet users early Tuesday morning, April 10. The portal combines Telia's communication services, such as calendar and webmail functions, with offerings from content providers, such as games, music, news and sports. An announcer gives the portal a television-like feeling and also serves as a guide for visitors, giving them information and fun tips. The new portal is designed to give visitors the possibility to create their "own" portal with news, sports, address book, music and other features, based on their personal interests and situation. During the establishment phase, users can access the portal from their computers. Later, the portal will also be accessible from palmtop computers, television sets and mobile phones. - Telia is well positioned to meet future developments in broadband. We have the customers, the distribution, a strong brand and revenue- generating services. We are opening our new broadband portal because we feel it is a natural step for Telia to take, says Karin Moberg, President of Telia e-bolaget AB. All Internet users can utilise most of the services offered through the broadband portal. However, most of the games require a Telia Broadband subscription. According to Karin Moberg, the games will generate most of the revenues from the portal, just like commercials do for television networks. Certain communication services will also be sources of income. - We will package and combine content services that other providers develop with our own communication services. Due to our technology, we can charge for our services and also ensure copyright protection, says Karin Moberg. For further information journalists can contact: Anders Meyer, Manager Portal Operations, Telia e-Bolaget, phone +46 705 44 91 81. Jan Sjöberg, Press Relations Manager, Telia e-Bolaget, phone +46 705 57 48 58. Visit the Broadband Portal at: (only in Swedish) ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: