Telia Mobile introduces GPRS to three million mobile customers

Telia Mobile introduces GPRS to three million mobile customers Today, at the GSM World Congress in Cannes, Telia Mobil announced its GPRS service package, Telia Mobile OnLine. GPRS is expected to fuel the breakthrough of mobile Internet services. Telia Mobile OnLine makes it possible to stay permanently connected to the Internet via a mobile phone, while only having to pay for the amount of data actually sent or received. - Last year, Telia Mobile's SMS traffic grew by 300 per cent, which clearly indicates that the market is ripe for extending the use of the mobile phone beyond just voice traffic, says Lars Erik Samuelsson, Managing Director for Telia Mobile Sweden. - By the end of summer, we expect to be able to offer GPRS services to all our three million mobile customers, provided that everything works and that there are telephones available on the market, continues Lars-Erik Samuelsson. Our first pilot customers will be offered the Telia Mobile OnLine service already in March. Telia Mobile OnLine does not require a new subscription, but is a supplementary service that will be available to all GSM customers. For example, Telia Mobile OnLine will make it possible to send and receive e- mail, and to use a large number of Internet-based mobile services. This will also boost WAP use, since the access to WAP services will be simplified considerably. One of the first services developed exclusively for GPRS is Telia Mobile InTouch, which is a mobile communication service, similar to the current ICQ. With Telia Mobile InTouch, the customers themselves register their contacts, and can then in a simple way communicate with those contacts through chatting, SMS messages, or e-mail. For further information journalists can contact: Susanne Amlert, Director PR & Communications, Telia Mobile Sverige, +46 70 655 30 90 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: