Telia Mobile launches games for mobile phones

Telia Mobile launches games for mobile phones Telia Mobile and Moby, a production company owned by Spray, have signed an agreement covering the provision of four SMS-based games that can be played on mobile telephones. The first three games are being launched today on As the number of mobile phone users grows, demand for new mobile-based services is also increasing for both useful information-based services and entertainment features. Telia Mobile signed the agreement with Moby for four SMS-based mobile phone games to meet this growing demand. "Our goal is to have as many people as possible utilize new technology and new mobile services. Since the mobile games are based on the Short Message Service (SMS), all of our mobile customers will be able to play them, regardless of the type of subscription they have with us," says Erik Hallberg, Sales and Marketing Manager for Telia Mobile in Sweden. Moby is supplying three games in the first phase: Vote For Me, where you have to be as funny as possible to win the votes of the other players. Mobile Monsters, a duel game in which you challenge a friend to hunt monsters. PinPoc, a knowledge-based quiz game where contestants compete to answer questions about a wide variety of subjects ranging from geography to pop stars. Moby, a member of the Spray Group, is a production company for mobile entertainment and mobile services. Moby produces, collects and packages entertainment for consumers. The agreement between Telia Mobile and Moby is initially for a six-month period. For further information journalists can contact: Fredrik Hiort af Ornäs, +46 70 678 73 00 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: