About Us

Temperasure is a rapidly growing franchise for those who want a commercial opportunity to solve the problem facing hundreds of thousands of businesses and buildings in the UK. Temperasure offers a complete solution to the market. • High quality audits of facilities to determine your liability and provide a recommended strategy to ensure all water is maintained at the correct temperature.• Installed and approved thermostatic mixing valves on all appliances with annual maintenance to maintain the integrity of your water supply.• Annual call-out and servicing on all facilities based on a convenient service contract. Temperasure has the ability to offer a franchise model regionally, with full training, support, equipment, vehicles, a national wholesale partnership with parts and materials available on an immediate basis, and most importantly the marketing support, to help you deliver the Temperasure service in your territory. Whether as an individual or as an existing business in the building services sector looking to extend its service base, Temperasure offers a comprehensive solution to the massive market problem of temperature regulation in public spaces.