TePe supports establishment of dental clinic in Kenya in collaboration with non-profit organisations

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TePe and non-profit organisations Dentists without Borders (TLUG) and Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation (ZBF) now join forces to promote good oral health for young people in Kenya. Together, they will establish Kenswed Dental Clinic outside Nairobi. 

The clinic will provide vulnerable children and young people with conditions for good oral health through preventative and emergency oral health care as well as educational efforts. With initial support from the collaboration partners, the clinic is expected to operate independently toward the end of 2023, and it will also contribute to local employment.

“Access to dental care is beneficial on many levels, says Sanjay Haryana, DDS at TePe Nordic. “We know that good oral health has positive effects on general health, both for the individual and for the community at large. Through our engagement in Kenswed Dental Clinic and our collaboration with Dentists without Borders, we can influence young people’s good health and well-being with a long-term perspective.”

About the Kenswed Dental Project 
The Kenswed Dental Project is a development collaboration project between TLUG, ZBF, Global Relations and TePe. The staff is locally employed under Kenswed's organisation. Kenswed consists of a high school, a boarding school, Kenswed Hospital and a Vocational School, all with the aim of enabling education, safety and health for young people and adults living in poverty and exclusion.

About the partners
Dentists Without Borders (TLUG) is a non-profit organisation established in 2009 to promote oral health in countries where dental care is neglected through both direct and long-term efforts. TePe, who has a vision of health smiles for life by inspiring good oral health, recently entered a long-term partnership with TLUG.

The foundation ZBF, which is the main financier for Kenswed, was founded in 2013 by Måns Zelmerlöw and Jonas Björkman and aims to strengthen vulnerable people through education and entrepreneurship all the way from exclusion and poverty to work and livelihood.
Global Relations is a Swedish non-profitable NGO with projects in Eastern Africa to combat poverty and create educational opportunities for impoverished youth.