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  • Terveystalo's network of occupational health services to expand: Terveystalo acquires Etelä-Karjalan Työkunto Oy

Terveystalo's network of occupational health services to expand: Terveystalo acquires Etelä-Karjalan Työkunto Oy

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Press Release 16 May 2019

Terveystalo will buy the operations of Etelä-Karjalan Työkunto Oy by an agreement signed on 15 May 2019. The old customer relationship remains unchanged.

Etelä-Karjalan Työkunto Oy is the largest company providing comprehensive occupational health services in its region. Työkunto Oy offers versatile occupational health services for South Karelia's Social and Health Services (Eksote), Lappeenranta City and other owners of Eksote. In addition, the company provides occupational health services for businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers. The company employs 58 people. The company has about 890 employer customers and 15,000 occupational health end-users. Revenue in 2018 amounted to approximately EUR 5 million. Työkunto Oy has 8 clinics in six municipalities.

"With this acquisition, Työkunto Oy will become a part of the nationwide Terveystalo. Terveystalo is Finland's leading provider of occupational health services and an expert on quality development. The company provides digitally supported services to support employees, work communities, and leadership alike," says Riitta Piironen, Managing Director of Etelä-Karjalan Työkunto Oy.

“We are very pleased to welcome the highly skilled employees of Työkunto Oy to Terveystalo. With this acquisition, we strengthen our presence in South Karelia, which is a very important area for Terveystalo. This acquisition will enable Terveystalo to grow significantly in the region. We are eager to work together during the integration to design and implement the future service offering, ”says Mari Varjonen, Director of Change Management at Terveystalo.

The deal has no impact on customer contracts and the company's employees will be transferred to Terveystalo as old employees. The operations will continue in the former premises.

For more information:
Terveystalo, Mari Varjonen, Director, Change Management, Tel. +358 46 923 4653 mari.varjonen@terveystalo.com

Terveystalo in brief
Terveystalo is a listed company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Terveystalo is the largest health care service company in Finland with net sales and network. The company offers versatile primary and secondary health care services for corporate and private customers and the public sector. The nationwide network covers 260 locations across Finland. The clinic network is complemented by 24/7 digital services.

In 2018, Terveystalo had approximately 1.2 million individual customers and approximately 3.5 million visits to a physician. Around half of Terveystalo’s 10,000 health care professionals are employees of Terveystalo, while the other half are independent practitioners. www.terveystalo.com