The FCCA has closed the investigation into the tender cooperation

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The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) has closed the investigation that began in 2017 regarding the tender cooperation between Attendo Suomi Oy, Coronaria Oy and Terveystalo Plc in the outsourcing of social and health care services. The FCCA did not find any evidence of violation of the Competition Act.

Terveystalo communications

Terveystalo in brief
Terveystalo is a listed company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Terveystalo is the largest health care service company in Finland with net sales and network. The company offers versatile primary and secondary health care services for corporate and private customers and the public sector. The nationwide network covers 260 locations across Finland. The clinic network is complemented by 24/7 digital services.

In 2018, Terveystalo had approximately 1.2 million individual customers and approximately 3.5 million visits to a physician. Around half of Terveystalo’s 10,000 health care professionals are employees of Terveystalo, while the other half are independent practitioners.