PITCH: Testing 4.0

Crowd and cloud based testing solutions for the modern development landscape

As the world of technology continues to integrate with every aspect of day to day life, it's imperative that comprehensive and extensive testing of software and devices takes place. However, due to resource and time restrictions, organisational blindness, platform fragmentation among many other issues, testing often becomes an afterthought in the development process. To address these issues, Testbirds, a company that historically has primarily provided crowdsourced testing services, has now created a new concept known as "Testing 4.0", which aims to not only fill the aforementioned gap in the testing industry but also take the quality of technology to the next level. Testing 4.0 includes over 20 testing methods that utilise crowd and cloud solutions. The flexible usage and combination of these methods allows for a comprehensive and extensive testing experience that focuses on the individual needs of the technology in question. It also includes a company's target group by providing real world usability and functionality testing, which ensures that products are not only released bug free but also are intuitive to use. 

Testing 4.0 is an original approach to testing that aims to satisfy the needs of today's technology industry. It has a number of practical benefits and there are currently large (Audi, DHL, Allianz, Western Union, etc.) and small scale companies (DITTO, Appitized, etc.) that are actively using and discovering its many possibilities. I think it could be of interest for your audience to feature a piece on Testing 4.0 with a focus on crowd and cloud solutions and how they target the many issues that development teams today face. In addition, thanks to the crowd aspect, ordinary people with very little to no background in IT are able to take an active part in software testing, providing an additional angle of interest for those looking to try out and optimise their favourite products.

If interested, please feel free to contact me at: s.deva@testbirds.com or by phone at +447963568610

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