TFS presents TrialOnline - digital solution for patient retention and data collection as an example of a successful industry partnership.

TFS attends ADCM Conference to present a TrialOnline ePRO – a custom patient retention tool developed in successful partnership between a CRO, EDC vendor and pharma.

Patient retention represents an important challenge in some therapeutic areas. Many clinical trials are at risk a risk of low patient retention putting study at jeopardy, may be destined to fail due to a low patient retention. In example, the prevalence of chronic psoriasis in Western industrialized countries is around 2% (>30M people). Most treatments have side effects that may lead patients to withdrawn the treatment, increasing the risk of suffering other concomitant conditions like psoriatic arthritis or cardiovascular diseases. The impact of low patient retention in patient’s quality of life is also something that worries the clinicians.

“TFS is committed to building partnerships and offering tailored innovative solution to support the customers. The development of a digital tool to support sites and patients is an example of a successful alliance between TFS, the customer and an EDC vendor and opens up new opportunities in study management. I see it as a milestone in data management” says Emma Albacar, Senior Director Data Management

While improving patient retention is its focus, this custom solution, built by TFS and Replior in collaboration with the customer also collects ePRO data and offers functionalities related to patient condition. TFS further expanded its offering to customers by providing an innovative and easy-to-use tool designed to be flexible and adjustable for each study.

TFS takes pride in a high commitment towards customer satisfaction and the development the TrialOnline digital solution is yet another example of a tailored approach TFS provides.

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